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by coopten   May 8, 2014  

I am stuck on which shoe to choose from the following 3 pairs -
Bontrager RL (2014), Fizik R3 uomo (2013), Lake CX217.

I have been through 5 pairs of shoes in 6 years and suffer from various foot aches and pains, and whilst the aesthetic of a shoe is important (Fizik R3 s) so is price (Fizik R3 s again) and a stiff carbon sole with a superb fit (very important)
Does anyone have any experience/info on these shoes? I realise they are all relatively cheap but I'd like to finally get it right with footwear and I'm ordering online! !

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I just got a pair of Lake cx217's, first pair of shoes I've had with a Boa system. Can't see me going back to Velcro or ratchets. Much better for fine tuning and have been the first shoe ive had in the last five years that fitted first time without trying different footbeds/insoles etc.

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28th August 2015 - 18:53


Don't buy online???
Go to a couple of lbs's and explain your situation of wanting cheapish but comfy shoes and hey will do their best to get you in the right pair.
Also reallybstiff soles can lead to foot aches and pains so maybe you could want something with a bit of flex

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29th August 2015 - 0:36


As someone who runs an online bike site, I've still got to say - go to your local bike shop for shoes if you suffer with pains. You need to be 100% certain you're buying something comfortable, and a knowledgeable sales assistant may be able to put you onto another model that's more suitable that you hadn't considered. £10 or £20 saved from buying online is nothing compared to having to go home early on long rides because you've lost feeling.

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29th August 2015 - 9:31

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Shimano R171. I have two pairs. One for spare.

The most comfortable road shoe I've ever ridden and I have a lot.

Of all the shoes including Rapha and Sidi I dreaded to put them on. With Shimano it puts a smile on my face and it is one of those few items I have on cycling that I look forward to wearing or using it.

When I have it on I don't feel its there and I've not once felt uncomfortable or have hot spots. Just incredible shoe at an amazing price.

Only the R171 and R321 is worth the money.

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29th August 2015 - 12:23


If your feet hurt there's something wrong. Give some serious thought to having a set of moulded inner soles done. I did and they're a revelation, got a set of Sidas ones at a proper Bike fit place. They're in my cycling top 3 buys. You'll really notice the difference especially when climbing.

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29th August 2015 - 12:23


moulded insole is an luxury. The hurt part needs to be fixed first and getting the right shoe is the most important.

I personally do not find sidi that special. If anything I think it is not that comfortable even with moulded insole.

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29th August 2015 - 12:31