I currently have a set of Shimano R500 wheels fitted and want to upgrade. I've been looking at a set of Shimano RS81 C24 wheels and wondered if anyone had any experience of said wheels? I'm looking for something that's a bit stiffer, and the RS81's seem to be a reasonable option?



Simon E [3265 posts] 4 years ago

I can't quantify "stiffer" but I have a pair of RS80s (10-speed version) and find them to be really nice wheels. They certainly feel lighter and more responsive than my RS10s.

RS61s, previously sold as Ultegra, are very similar but without the flashy carbon laminate and are quite a bit cheaper. If I was shopping now I may well have bought these instead.

This topic is raised frequently on the forum so you could just browse back a few pages and get a load of info in a few minutes.