I used to love Memory Map. but ever since i got bought one of their new Digital Map Shop CDs for my birthday it's been nothing but a grim roundabout of license management. Every time I do anything – even use my old maps that I bought – I seem to need a new license. Now I've run out, and because I've got a new phone I can't install the navigator program on it. So I either need to harrass them until they sort it or buy another CD, even though I've got plenty of mapping credits left. Which, in my opinion, is a bit shit.

Anyone else had similar experiences?


Fringe [1047 posts] 8 years ago

no. cant say i have, but then i just scan the bit of an O/S map that i need and then print it out and cycle round with a pocket full of A4 paper maps..still if i ever get memory map induced i shall bear it mind  1