Just a bit of a moan really  102

The last two times I cycled home on the A684 from sedbergh to garsdale, I have come across enormous amounts of litter that should be in recycling or at least bins.

Recently I have found the riders of local races/time trials to be guilty of littering. A foil SIS gel packet and a lucozade bottle filled with special isotonic powder. I am accusing the time trials as there is only these sort of foil packets after a race has been through my road. The bottle may have been a passing cyclist not relating to the race but nonetheless the littering needs to stop.

In some cases it may have just been that the people did not realise they had dropped anything but I suspect the gel packet to be purposely dropped, as who wants to carry a used, leaking foil packet whilst racing.

The majority of the cyclists reading this would never purposely drop litter but PLEASE leave the areas you are cycling through as you found them.

Thank you