Shoes for toe clips and straps?

by MisterT   May 7, 2014  

Years ago when I was a young lad in early years of racing I used to have lovely pairs of Sidi kangaroo leather shoes with leather soles that had an integrated titanium stiffener and I'd screw my sidi cleats into place. Working perfectly with my trusty campagnolo pedals leather straps and toe clips.

Now I'm 35 years older and building up an old classic frame with those old components, but I seem to have lost all my old shoes that would be suitable and need to find a pair of quality shoes suitable to use with such retro kit.

Neither Quoc Pham or Dromarti seem to have soles suitable for old fashioned cleats.

Anyone got ideas or other cobblers I should look into? Thinking

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Not sure about the leather soles, but there are slotted cleats about that will fit the 'look' pattern, a company in america makes them (Yellowjersey) I think.

As far as shoes go: Dromarti are mainly out of stock but their 'race' shoes should do the job. Vittoria have some that look suitably retro, my friend has some nice retro looking Specialized shoes that he got a few years ago (I'll try to find out what sort they are).

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7th May 2014 - 17:21


Exustar do two bolt cleats and adaptors to fit any shoe. They also do a "track" shoe range.

My eyes prefer Celeste, my bum prefers titanium.

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8th May 2014 - 7:55