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by dafyddp   May 7, 2014  

Looking at my Strava results, I noticed a recent run was measured in calories, but rides are in kJ. I don't know that much about the subject, but looking online, it appears that a kJ = 0.24 cal, this means that my 38 minute run used 564 calories but my four hour 100k only 444 calories (1849 kJ) - that doesn't seem right to me, can anyone help clarify?

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My rides list both kJ and calories.
Calories are listed just under the speed in the 'show more' detail section.

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posted by netclectic [121 posts]
7th May 2014 - 15:29


With cycling, you can basically take the Kj figure as Kcal without a conversion as pedalling is roughly 25% efficient, so in actual fact you burnt around 1849Kcal to produce 1849Kj

posted by olic [14 posts]
7th May 2014 - 16:00


Thanks, both. And that's a relief, Olic - I stuffed myself with a massive pig-out on Sunday eve, in the belief that I was only making up for lost cals!

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posted by dafyddp [181 posts]
7th May 2014 - 17:01


olic wrote:
pedalling is roughly 25% efficient

That does it, I'm quadrupling my cake intake with immediate effect!

posted by chokofingrz [320 posts]
7th May 2014 - 22:41

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