Does replacement frame include forks?

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I recently found a crack in my less than 2 year old frame and organised for it to be replaced under warranty. I was told that they would supply a similar frame in identical colour (gloss light blue), but when it arrived it was a different colour and finish (matte white).

I assumed that since they were unable to provide the frame in the original colour, the forks would be replaced too, but the shop put it back together with the original forks and now it looks terrible. The bike shop claimed that it's "standard practice" for a manufacturer to replace the frame only if there is no damage to the fork, but that sounds dodgy. When I broke a frame a long, long time ago, both were replaced.

If you've had a frame replaced under warranty and they replaced the forks at the same time, please advise. If you ended up with a frame / fork mismatch, what action did you end up taking and what was the outcome?