My chain has started slipping, its driving me mad.  102 I'm up and down the gears like a gear changing fiend... At first it was just occasionally on hills or pulling away in higher gears..Now its all the time.. My bike is almost 2 years old, I do about 50 miles a week and had it serviced after 6 months but not since..

Any advice.. I guess I need to change my chain / cassette maybe


giobox [361 posts] 3 years ago

If you've averaged 50 miles a week over two years thats 5 thousand miles. If you'd kept your bike in peak condition you would be lucky to get 5 thousand miles from a cassette, and very lucky to get that from a chain. I'm not judging, but as you say its only been serviced once I suspect your bike has lead a hard life. Treat it to a new chain and cassette!