shimarno ultegra help

by Shaun Kelly   May 2, 2014  


Just has my original Ultegra gears all changed front and rear, new chain , if in large gear at front of three and large gear at rear seven the gears over stretch? so i'm told. Cant remember if originally this was the case. Bike 3 year old Kuota carbon.

cost me £350 at bike shop , just wonder if the gear sets dont match ?


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Eh , ultegra triple and only a 7 speed rear block?

You sure you are talking ultegra and not tiagra or even sora?

Anyway if you are cross chaining then yeah it's likely ur rear mech and chain are on it's limits on a triple...

That's if I've even understood what you are asking Thinking

posted by chiv30 [852 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 21:25

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Arguably you are not supposed to do this, its what is known as cross-chaining. This is much harder on the chain and drivetrain, and given the way gear ratios on a modern bike overlap as you change cogs on the front, you should never really need to do it anyway. Its a bad habit thats very easy to stop doing!

posted by giobox [241 posts]
3rd May 2014 - 5:32

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