Any experience of Rose bikes?

by harragan   May 2, 2014  

After having someone kindly relieve me of my bike earlier in the year, I'm looking for a new one and wondered about Rose bikes? Does anyone have one and what is your experience of them as a product and as a company. I am cautious about buying mail order but they seem to offer a lot of bike for the money. Please help!

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I bought wheels and parts off them , but not a bike. Delivery and answers to questions were great and on time.

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posted by Comrade [164 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 19:32


Ordered several bits and pieces from them on the last 2 years and would happily do so again.

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posted by joemmo [903 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 22:12


I very nearly bought a Rose Pro-SL for a commuter but got a Felt instead only due to picking up a bargain that couldn't be ignored. I have seen a Xeon in the flesh and it was very, very nice. They get good reviews and you get quite a bit for your money.

posted by ajmarshal1 [376 posts]
3rd May 2014 - 11:31

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Thanks for the replies. I agree that you seem to get a lot for the money and I wondered if there was a catch. The only part I have no experience of is the frame and it's a pretty important element.

Surely someone on here has bought one, or do I have to be the guinea pig? Worried

posted by harragan [33 posts]
7th May 2014 - 15:38

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Not bought one but rode an alu frame with ultrega worth £1800ish at London bike show. Loved it. Similar bike to my trek 2300 but obviously a lot newer. Was very light and seemed to accelerate fast. Only rode for an hour or so. If I had the money I'd buy one. Plus they have a uk office where you can chat if you'd like. Plus I think you can demo a bike but need to pay a refundable deposit.

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7th May 2014 - 15:55