Giro Queen Stage

by ray silvester   May 2, 2014  

Just for Forum Scorum purposes is there an OFFICIAL queen stage......or is it open to debate?

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Take your pick from 14, 16 or 20.

All are summit finishes but 16 and 20 seem the better with 20 finishing on the Zoncolan which is a bit of beast.

If i was to choose it would be 16 as its virtually climbing from the off whereas 20 has quite a long flattish run before the climbing starts.

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posted by stumps [2826 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 11:55


But 16 has the Stelvio.....and the Gavia.....

If there's nothing OFFICIAL then I'll take it on opinions and post which one we'll use for FS purposes prior to stage 1

posted by ray silvester [1858 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 13:01


I would go for stage 16. The Gavia, followed by the Stelvio, which will be the highest point of the entire race and then a summit finish.

posted by NeilG83 [256 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 16:51


That's what I was thinking.....we'll go with that UNLESS there are any official announcements.

posted by ray silvester [1858 posts]
3rd May 2014 - 9:16

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