Switching to a road bike.

by allanmayfield   April 27, 2014  

I bought a hybrid last year but have found myself wanting to go further, faster and maybe do the odd sportive here and there. Any recommendations for what I should go for? Don't really want to spend more than £1k and ideally want to go somewhere that offers 0% finance.

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1) See if your employer is signed up to one of the cycle to work schemes.
2) Have a look in Decathlon at the BTwin range of bikes. You get a lot of bike for your money.
3) Get hold of some old copies of Cycling Plus. They recently did a series of reviews of lower priced bikes.
4) There are some fast hybrids out there now. You don't necessarily have to go down the road route. Don't forget about cyclocross bikes either.

I hope this is some help to you. I've kept it quite general as what would suit me would possibly not suit you.

Best of luck.

posted by levermonkey [500 posts]
28th April 2014 - 6:07

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Following the Astra Zeneca judgment and the addition of VAT to cycle to work schemes don't assume this is the best option, especially if a basic rate tax payer. This has massively reduced the attractiveness of C2W. If you are serious about doing sportives I would avoid a hybrid and focus on road models.

posted by giobox [357 posts]
28th April 2014 - 7:24


This months Cycling Plus has review of 5 bikes in this £1000 bracket. Two bikes got 5/5. One was the Boardman and the other was a German make which name alludes me at the minute. Ultimately the German bike won but i think it was only on the fact it has better wheels.
Definitely worth picking up copies of Cycling Plus oh and having a look at those Boardman's.

posted by SB76 [101 posts]
28th April 2014 - 13:00

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TBH honest it depends on the Hybrid. If it's some lumpy 700x32 low cost commuting hack then no it wont be ideal, if it's a flat bar road bike then you will be fine.

posted by MKultra [354 posts]
28th April 2014 - 13:01

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Road bike will always be faster. Just not as aero dynamic on a hybrid.

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posted by glynr36 [628 posts]
28th April 2014 - 13:10


The same question was asked the previous day.


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posted by Simon E [2219 posts]
28th April 2014 - 13:44


giobox wrote:
Following the Astra Zeneca judgment and the addition of VAT to cycle to work schemes don't assume this is the best option, especially if a basic rate tax payer. This has massively reduced the attractiveness of C2W.

This is nothing particularly new. Yes, in the past a further saving could be made on the VAT, but C2W essentially still offers up to a 42% saving plus an interest free loan on a new bike, which you'll struggle to better elsewhere. I acknowledge that the scheme isn't so attractive if you don't want to keep the bike for the longer term, as the end-of-hire options that allow immediate ownership (i.e. if you want to sell the bike) will offset a large chunk of the saving, but that's the whole point of the scheme. It's not intended as a means to scratch the n+1 itch...

To the OP, certainly don't rule out C2W if your employer offers it, as it can make your money go much further. Otherwise, levermonkey's comments are fair, but the short of it is that there's a plethora of good road bikes around the grand mark, so get out to a few local shops and test-ride some.

FWIW, I switched to a road bike from a "hybridised" mountain bike that I'd mainly used for commuting, and there's been no looking back as far as the performance is concerned. In fact, I'm back on the mountain bike this week as the road bike is in the shop, and it's bloody awful!

posted by parksey [356 posts]
28th April 2014 - 19:19

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Have a look at Rose and Planet X. The carbon Ultegra Planet X is unbelievable value. If you want 0%, get a credit card and set it to repay 1/12 of the total every month, then cut the thing up.

posted by Joelsim [1766 posts]
28th April 2014 - 21:04

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I'm in the same situation actually but I'm going to go for an On-One Pickenflick Cyclocross and swap the tyres for slicks, given that 95% of my riding will be commuting.

posted by Joelsim [1766 posts]
28th April 2014 - 21:06


pick up a copy of last weeks cycling weekly!!! ( http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk )

they did a review of bikes priced 700-1300 pounds featuring 100 plus bikes.

was a real good read.

Moreover useful if you were in the market for a bike like that, such as yourself.

posted by Harryb2996 [20 posts]
29th April 2014 - 20:19

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