WTD: Beginner Road bike (WSD if poss?)

by nomelette   April 23, 2014  

Hi chaps,

I'm after an entry level road bike that'll get me going. Hoping not to spend too much £300ish tops but depends on the bike, I suppose! I'm 5'10'' and female - I'd prefer a WSD but am happy to adjust seat/stem on a unisex bike if I take a great interest in the hobby.
Notts would be ideal but Derby/Leicester is possible ...or post Smile


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Hi Alice,

I don't have a bike for you but I saw your post and I just wanted to say that the only womens specific piece of kit you really need is a saddle, the rest is all fine to use. You may find you have narrower shoulders than a man of the same height so you may want to swap out your handlebars at some point if they are wide enough to bother you but other than that it's all good to use. The only womens specific thing I have had on my bikes is a saddle, and now that I have an Adamo, not even the saddle is womens specific. The reason why I wanted to get in touch is because ladies bikes tend to have lower spec stuff on them and are made for teeny tiny women - apparently we don't grow much over 5'5!

Sorry for the unsolicited advice, hope you find what you're looking for Smile

Best of luck


posted by stefness [3 posts]
23rd April 2014 - 13:46


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your help, after some trial and error I found a saddle that agrees with me and I love it which is great - I use it on my commute.

I recently tried sitting on a few bikes in my LBS (that I really can't afford currently!) but apparently the ladies bikes fit me better. Perhaps it was just salesman talk haha and I think as a beginner, subtle geometries aren't going to affect my rides too much but I thought it was worth putting in the ad just in case but it's not something that's too important whatsoever. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it!

Thanks again for your help and jealous of your nice fitting bike! Smile

posted by nomelette [4 posts]
23rd April 2014 - 14:10


perhaps something to suit for sale on our club forum


Scott WSD.jpg

posted by Simon.R [21 posts]
23rd April 2014 - 14:25


Hi Simon, thanks for the help - I don't think I can post on the forum annoyingly, the bike looks great - just a shame there's no information on the model or the frame size! After a bit of crude googling it looks like a scott contessa speedster 25 2010 ...but it would be nice to be sureto have an idea of the groupet and gizmos and that Smile


posted by nomelette [4 posts]
23rd April 2014 - 20:36


Alice - I've spoken to the person selling it (our club in-house mechanic) and he'll be happy to talk you through all the spec etc - call Terry on 07535 946950



posted by Simon.R [21 posts]
24th April 2014 - 10:48


I should be picking it up next week! So thanks Simon for your help Smile

So excited about it haha

posted by nomelette [4 posts]
25th April 2014 - 18:48