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by njm0511   April 22, 2014  

Does anyone have any advice on bike bags / boxes? I have previously hired bikes when overseas on holiday but I am travelling with my own, new steed for a couple of weeks in May. I could hire a solid bike box for c.£100+ for a local bike shop but wondered if it might be more economical in the longer-term to buy my own.

Any pearls of wisdom or suggestions / recommendations would be appreciated. Ideally something which isn't going to break the bank but not break my bike either...

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I hired one of these when I flew to France for an Alps trip last year. Highly recommended, if a little pricey. Its biggest benefit was that it folded down when not in use so I could stick it in the back of a car alongside the bike when not in use (wouldn't have been possible with a solid bag). Overall, it did the job very well.

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posted by Martin Thomas [623 posts]
22nd April 2014 - 16:32


I have used a soft bag for years, but slipped some polycarbonate sheets down inside to effectively make it a sandwich with the bike as the filling. However, this did leave the ends a bit exposed, and I did have to take both wheels and lots of other stuff off to get it in.
I have now twice used one of the cardboard boxes that are used by the manufacturer to deliver the bike to the shop. Much easier and also give more protection.
I only have to take the front wheel out and unbolt pedals and bars and there is a bit of room for other small items. And it was FREE!

Used it twice and it's now getting a bit scuffed, so will get another new one the next time I fly.

Beware the weight of some boxes - they can double the weight and take you over the weight limit even for sporting goods! I see the Wiggle one mentioned by Martin Thomas weighs 11kg empty.


posted by davebinks [136 posts]
22nd April 2014 - 19:18


i bought a red EVOC - £180-250 quid or so and can recommend as far as the soft ones go. i could have hired one at £50 quid, but i know in the long run i'll use it for more 4-5 times. Well made, good protection, easy to use. whats not to like

posted by sea_biscuit [31 posts]
22nd April 2014 - 19:19


I'm with Sea Biscuit on this one. EVOC bag is a really good bit of kit that'll roll up out of the way in a couple of mins once you take out the brace bars (30 second job, honest). Used it for two trips now and really impressed.

However, if money is tight.... For years I used a Ground Effect 'body bag'

Did as they said and lined with cardboard for long trips, flew my Stumpjumper to Spain, NZ, Australia, Tenerife, loads of places and when I had a job that saw me travelling around the country by train used it for that too. Bought it around 2000 I think. Still going strong. Only reason I bought the EVOC was to give more protection to my rather gorgeous Roubaix. With care packing though the Bodybag would have done, just can be a little more blase using the EVOC....

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22nd April 2014 - 20:53


100 quid for two weeks rental might be on the high side. I have one from and they are borderline indestructible. If you don't want to buy rental from the site is only 70 quid for a fortnight.

posted by giobox [357 posts]
23rd April 2014 - 2:03