Afternoon everybody,
I went out for a ride this mooring and had a gel on the way. During the course of eating/drinking it, I managed to get it everywhere, down the top tube, on my leg and many other places. My question is how to you take gals without getting into a horrific mess? I don't want to start a debate about gels vs bars etc, just tips and/or tricks on how to take them without praying them around the place.

Thanks, Matt


bashthebox [752 posts] 3 years ago

Tear off the top, get it in your mouth, suck it completely dry asap. Once it's empty, roll it up so the open end is at the centre of the roll to prevent the last drip making your pocket sticky.
It ain't rocket science though!

levermonkey [681 posts] 3 years ago

I got a little distracted by the typo in the middle - "My question is how do you take gals without getting into a horrific mess?" - This is a whole new question.

The advice given by Bashthebox is spot on. If you carry a small bag (freezer or nappy are good) then you can, if you get chance, transfer your empties into it. This makes disposal a little easier at the end of your ride and decreases unintentional littering during it. I have before now on long rides taped a bag to the handle-bars or cross-bar and put the empties straight in.