Hi everyone,

I'm looking to find people/ groups who go out training in the Southampton (I'm on the Fareham side of Southampton area). Just trying to get up to speed after quite a while off the bike, and I'm getting fed up riding on my own.... Also need to get out with someone who will (almost inevitably!) be better than me. I have been out with a local club, and they were a nice group of guys, so I will go again, but I'm finding that my shift work schedule means that it's hard to consistently get out for specific days - and I don't really want to do long rides on Sundays - I'm looking to do more targeted through and off style rides rather than the more social club runs. Was hoping to find a group that goes out midweek on a slightly more flexible basis. On a similar note, does anyone know of any of the local clubs that organise mid week chain gangs? Just to make clear, I'm happy to join any local club ( or more than one if this is not bad form?) and any suggestions welcome. I can currently average about 18mph on my own on a reasonably hilly route for a couple of hours, and I'm happy to tag along for part of a ride and get dropped if I'm currently a bit sluggish!

Help appreciated,