cycling in Tokyo

by nialljd   April 14, 2014  


off to Tokyo and was wondering if anyone could recommend a city cycling tour. me and the mrs both ride a lot so not worried about the km's. any suggestions would be great.

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From the Ginza-area head south-east to Toyoso and Shinkiba, cross the bridge over the Arakawa river and then follow the river upstream (first on the right bank, soon on the left) for as long as you fancy on a wide and spotless road without motorized traffic, along baseball, soccer and bbq areas. Very popular with cyclists and joggers, quite busy on Sundays. It continues way up into the Saitama prefecture, allowing for rides of >100 km. Otherwise, west from Shinjuki towards Takano mountain is nice as well.

posted by joopi [5 posts]
14th April 2014 - 9:40

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Hi, I was there on business about a year ago and used

Book early for popular dates, a great way of seeing parts of the city, we did a nice tour that ended up back across the bay on a ferry.

It's very casual - no need for clipins or lycra!

posted by big shug [40 posts]
14th April 2014 - 10:34

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