excuse copy/paste

and it was bloody awesome  4 like this one (but with dura ace/american classic wheels/easton carbon bar stem) http://www.bikescene.co.uk/i_up/SWorksRoubaixSL3Ultegra_1371220683.jpg

actually rode my bike for the first time in god knows how long to my fav bike shop (hadn't been there for 4 months).

was talking about road bikes (and how i cannot afford one e.t.c  21 when the manager mentioned he had the new dura ace electric groupset
fitted to his new s works roubaix,he asked if i'd like a quick spin on it.no that's alright i said (sod that yes was the answer  24

just had a quick pootle on it down a side road by the shop.man the electric shifting is fantastic (i didn't understand the point of it up till now).also was gobsmacked by the dura ace brakes too  13 they felt better than my avid 3 on my duster

the whole bike was lovely to ride and i can now totally understand why they cost so much (it felt a whole other world to my tarmac sport i used to have).

the one big downside is i had to give it back no way in hell i could ever afford one atm.  20

am now seriously thinking of starting the lottery every week

p.s i sold my tarmac sport bike last year to fund a guitar (i do miss it s it was a great road bike).i do plan on saving for another road bike someday though.


movingtarget [144 posts] 4 years ago

Ah yes, that's the danger of popping into the LBS. Dropped by to say hi and test rode myself into a shiny new Pinarello with Ultegra mech last fall. Back account  20 but my heart says  8

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 4 years ago

Yep, electric shift is amazing.

I've got the 10 speed version (DA) and 10 speed mechanical Ultegra and the difference is huge. Yet, you'd be hard pushed to complain about the mech version in isolation tbh!

BTW @ moving target - great username (and bike choice come to that) - a nod to the old courier Mag by any chance?

movingtarget [144 posts] 4 years ago

Ugh, stupid autofill. Meant to say "bank account," not the nonsensical "back account."

Did not know of the courier 'zine but def an apt name for the messenger experience. Chose the username based on my rides being 80% urban and feeling like I have a bullseye on my jersey at times although I really can't complain too much. Portland, OR is overall bike friendly and after reading about the crap you guys have to deal with in the UK I'm grateful I mainly have to deal with the buses/cars parking in the bike lane and dodging car doors, as at least I have a bike lane, and the oblivious driver who tries to turn into me. There's the purposeful occasional close buzz but that's pretty rare. Sadly, I think it also helps that I'm a girl. When I ride with my husband people often stop to let us cross and when he's alone they drive more aggressively around him.

FWIW, hubby has Di2 Ultegra on his bike and it's super smooth shifting to the point where he'll putter along forever without shifting and then get dropped on a climb because it's almost too smooth/easy to pedal in not quite the perfect gear and forgets to downshift.