Hi all,

I had a knee arthroscopy on my left knee last Monday (31st March) to remove some torn meniscus cartilage. The op went well and I was discharged the same day with a crutch and some painkillers. Three days later I removed the large bandage as per the doc's instructions, stopped the painkillers and ditched the crutch. Over the course of the last week it has begun to feel much stronger, so much so that I couldn't resist going for a little spin on my commuter bike today - my first ride for almost six months! At one point I slipped in to the drops going down a gentle hill and had to have a bit of a word with myself not to go to hard so I turned around and headed home - a whopping three miles in all but it felt good.

Does anyone have experience of this surgery and what was your recovery like? Am I being foolish to ride so early or is it ok to take it lightly and build from here? I have a few stitches in my knee which come out next Tuesday - should I wait until then?

Any and all advice gratefully received...



hexhome [26 posts] 3 years ago

I have had this procedure. The only thing which was suggested I avoid was driving for 2 weeks. Cycling was deemed an excellent idea by my consultant, and within 2 weeks I was cycling at normal speed and distance.

The result for me 2 years later, is absolutely no trouble with my knee at all.

Psycling [50 posts] 3 years ago

Hi. I am a theatre nurse working in day surgery. The advice we give patients is to take it easy for 48 hours. Then commence gentle exercises. I should think after two weeks you would be fine to cycle gently and build up from there. You're unlikely to do any damage. With the usual caveat that if it hurts then stop. You may experience some swelling to start with. In which case use ice packs and elevate. Cycling is good exercise as it is weight supported. Hope that helps.

fuel [11 posts] 3 years ago

Its now 5 weeks since I had my knee arthroscopy, I started riding when i had my stitches out, (9 days) my knee now feels better than ever. My surgeon told me cycling was good for the recovery, just build up gradually.