Just ridden/walked past another what appears to be a cyclist incident on the Uxbridge Road going out of London, just past Shepherds Bush on the way to Acton. Judging by the sheer volume of the police response I can only presume it's a fatality.

Didn't get any details but looking at the type of vehicle involved seems to tick all the normal boxes... HGV skip lorry, lorry turning left, cyclist turning left.


harveygallagher [4 posts] 3 years ago

Saw it too, looked pretty bad. One of those junctions where cars/lorries don't respect the ASL.

TiNuts [98 posts] 3 years ago

This is just near my business so I'm well acquainted with that junction. A friend of mine was in a bus two vehicles back from where this incident happened. He mentioned that there was another bus immediately behind the skip lorry that had dragged the rider underneath its rear wheels whilst turning left. If that's the case then I would have thought there's a chance that the bus CCTV may have relevant footage so I hope plod has followed this up.

According to The Standard, the cyclist hasn't lost his life but things don't look good for the poor bloke: