Carbon Respray

by gdmor10   April 7, 2014  

hi all

I am just starting a new project that will involve getting a carbon frame (from ebay) resprayed, does anyone have any recommendations? preferably in the south east, drivable from Reading would be ace.


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I have had some really good results with a pressure pack can, assuming you want a single color, it is really simple. Then get some decals on and a few coats of clear

posted by jason.timothy.jones [305 posts]
7th April 2014 - 15:32


Don't paint it, adds weight and no value.

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posted by drmatthewhardy [584 posts]
7th April 2014 - 15:33


thanks but my aim for the project is to create something that looks smart and professional but also unique with some retro decals. needs to be a pro job to make me happy Applause

posted by gdmor10 [98 posts]
7th April 2014 - 15:42


I had some work done by an outfit called Carbon Cycle Repairs recently - the finish was good and they will do paint only.

Based in Derbyshire though.

posted by Nixster [231 posts]
7th April 2014 - 16:15


I looked into it with a couple of people, and both quoted me £400 for a fairly simple design. Want it done well, it ain't cheap.

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
7th April 2014 - 17:24


Hmmm, I know someone who has just set up to take on projects such as this, but he's in N/E Scotland Wave

£400 seems a bit steep, have you tried Argos or Ooey?

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posted by Gkam84 [9366 posts]
7th April 2014 - 18:10


I had found argos but not ooey. Other web forums seem to also recommend Brian Rourke. I will see, I have bought a second hand wilier and the plan is to get it a single colour with retro block style wilier decals, frame was 250 and hope to get respray for less than that so it is something unique but at a reasonable price.

posted by gdmor10 [98 posts]
8th April 2014 - 11:14


This is Ooey

They do all Wyndy Milla's stuff. Check out some more photo's on facebook

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posted by Gkam84 [9366 posts]
8th April 2014 - 11:27


I've used Atlantic Boulevard in the past.

They're in Bury though, so you'd need to post it.

My eyes prefer Celeste, my bum prefers titanium.

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posted by Jack Osbourne snr [384 posts]
8th April 2014 - 11:47


I am liking ooey because I can drive and drop it off but will depend on the price, not picked up frame yet so its not an instant requirement. Their work looks good but they need to do some work on their website!

posted by gdmor10 [98 posts]
8th April 2014 - 12:51


Yeah they tend to use facebook for most of their stuff and the website looks like an after thought

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posted by Gkam84 [9366 posts]
8th April 2014 - 14:52