Morning everybody,

My current bike is a specialized allez sport, wheels upgraded to easton ea90 and the groupset upgraded to ultegra 6800. I have an option to get an S-Works venge but cannot convince myself to go ahead. I would like a new bike (who wouldn't!) but will I feel any difference in ride quality etc. If I do go ahead with the venge, it will have the 6800 groupo from the allez and probably zipp 60 wheels.

Any advice/views/opinions welcome.

Thanks, Matt

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Why not have a look at a NeilPryde Alizé?

Oh, sorry, I mean NAZARÉ

Specialized not flavour of the month for me.

Sorry, off-topic. In answer to the question the Venge is renowned for being fast and light and very, very stiff. Ride quality is not a major selling point for the Venge. With so many brilliant fast *and* comfortable race framesets out there, I've no idea why anyone would buy something like a Venge unless they were racing at a high level.

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posted by mattbianchi [16 posts]
7th April 2014 - 10:35


I rode a Venge with a view to buying one. It's fast, but horrible. After 300km I hated it.

The Nazaré is more comfortable and every bit as aero as the Venge, without the odd looks. If my bike priorities hadn't changed I'd have ended up on one of these.

Also look at the Felt AR range, very impressive bikes at a good price.

posted by Velo_Alex [65 posts]
7th April 2014 - 11:02


Alex, did you notice any difference in speed as I am more of a crit rider and riding maximum 130km at a time, so I don't mind a more aggressive position. Regarding comfort, I read that carbon absorbs for bumps, or is that not the case with the venge due to its stiffness. Sorry for all the questions, but I can't find anywhere to test ride one.

Thanks, Matt

posted by mattbuckley [16 posts]
7th April 2014 - 11:18


Don't buy SSpecialized. Buy a brand that deserves your money...

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7th April 2014 - 11:40