Cervelo R3 or S3

by Muntasir   April 5, 2014  

Heyy all. I'm looking to upgrade my bike and Cervelo is the choice for me. But I'm stuck between a R3 or S3. Both are priced similarly. I'm looking to get one which is versatile as a race machine and also comfortable. Where I live the road are full of broken roads and pot holes so I'm more inclined towards to a R3 as it seems versatile as a performance machine as well as comfortable. S3 is definitely lot stiffer so the ride should be more harsh apparently. What do you guys think? Your advice would be much appreciated.

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I have an R3 and it is very stiff and a fantastic racer. I also looked at the S3 but the ride of the R3 and its climbing ability seemed superior to me.

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5th April 2014 - 13:15


R3. Light, stiff, comfortable and still reasonably aerodynamic. One of the very best all-rounder frames out there today.
The S3 is not an all round frame. I took one out for a weekend and loved the speed from the aerodynamics, but found that the front is too soft and does not track well, and that the back really gives you a pummelling. It's great for a short fast ride, like a triathlon with drafting, or an evening blast on smooth roads. For all other rides get an R3. Or an R5.

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5th April 2014 - 19:25

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