Hi All

Just wanted a bit of advice really. I fitted a new front wheel the other day and when riding to work yesterday, I noticed that there was quite a nasty griding sound coming from the brake and there was also some metal shavings (like from a lathe) on my brake pad. I had a better look at it on my lunch brake and noticed that there was quite a few bits of metal in the brake pads and also that the braking surface has a bit of scouring and a few nicks on it. I cleaned the rim and got all the metal from the pads but when I got home there was another big chunk of metal in the right hand pad.

I've since ordered some new brake pads but was wondering what to do aboput the braking suface to smooth out the scouring and nicks? Would a rub down with a very fine peice of wet and dry be OK or a sharpening block or will that ruin the rim forever?

I'm a bit concerned as the wheel is literally 4 miles old and don't want to have to shell out for another new wheel.

Any help is much appreciated.


Cantab [102 posts] 4 years ago

I ended up with a scraped up braking surface last year courtesy of a gap in a French pavement on my way into Paris at the end of the Avenue Verte (thankfully didn't bend the wheel).
When I got home I set too with wet and dry and buffed most of the gouges out. Worked a treat, braking surface is near perfect again. Give it a go?

DavidC [161 posts] 4 years ago

The metal bits in the brake pads could have been there before but weren't noticed. It is not uncommon to find these in old pads, especially when used with less expensive wheels.

Perhaps your scouring is from the pads, in which case new pads will prevent future wear. As for fixing the braking surface, if it were me I would let it be with the new pads for a while and see how it goes once the new pads and braking surface work in a bit. The scouring shouldn't get worse doing this, while a poor attempt at repairing could.

The new pads may sound a bit rough on the first ride or two, but that will pass.

wilkij1975 [30 posts] 4 years ago

Cheers for the comments and advice.

I've just rubbed the brake surface with some 800 and then 1500 wet and dry. Got it smoothed off even though I can still see the scratches etc. I'll give it a go when the new pads arrive and if ok will buy some decent pads (just got som £3 Clarksville just to see if it's ok). If it still keeps putting big lumps of metal in my blocks I'll get them back to the shop.