You may have seen an earlier post I put on here about cycling to Russia. My plans have changed slightly and Ive decided not to actually go into Russia itself but to just get to the border and then fly home from Gdansk in Poland about 50 miles away. Its still going to be about same distance, probably just under 1200 miles from where I hope to start in Gloucestershire which I hope to do in 12 days.
Its going to be fairly flat as Im going through North France, Belgium, Holland, North Germany and Poland.

If anyone is interested in joining me (and dont all rush at once) then please let me know as Im hoping to book it very soon.

Thanks. Darren  4


Leviathan [2970 posts] 3 years ago

Thats for the best, Russia is a nation of gangsters. Fat novels about war and romance, opera, vodka and totalitarianism seem to be their main contributions to culture.
Why not make an epic route on Mapmyride or similar. I hope you find a riding buddy. Is there no Mrs or Mr Ranger to come with you?


smiley_boy2501 [39 posts] 3 years ago

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to join you (GF would flip if the next holiday wasn't with her).

I've ridden round most parts of Poland and seen nearly all of it by car during a job I did last year. An incredible place and just so different to what you'd experience in W Europe. If you'd like suggestions of places to visit/stay/eat/not go to I'm more than happy. Just let me know your general planned route.

When you planning on going?

3bikedoc [2 posts] 3 years ago

Hi, I am thinking of doing a short, about 5-6 days of tour in Poland. I am a leisure cyclist, and usually do on average 40-50 miles a day and never more than 50. Would prefer to avoid very steep hills and busy roads. I like to see the real country.
Could you please suggest me a route?

userfriendly [621 posts] 3 years ago

I'm planning to cycle to Germany, but probably too late for you (August), and I'm starting in Edinburgh, not Englandshire. Going to follow this thread regardless, seeing how large parts of the route will likely be fairly similar.  1