Looking for some quick CX wheels for next season. American Classic Aero 420s are claimed to be suitable for cross on the website but have a tyre limit of 25mm. As I intend on crossing using Schwalbe CX pro 30mm ... or 32mm or 35 mm will they be okay on the rims or just pop off at the first sign of trouble?

Otherwise, any other suggestions for 'cheap', quick CX wheels? (Please - no Keith B quotes!)


crazy-legs [979 posts] 4 years ago

I used 35mm CX tyres on Mavic Open Pro rims (they're only "rated" up to 28mm) and they survived for years. The rims will take it without a problem.

Only thing you might find with deep sections is that they might be quite harsh off-road. I've got the 420s on my track bike so I know the wheels. They're very good, I really rate American Classics.