Has anyone ridden both the Boardman Team Alloy and the Rose Xeon RS and/or Canyon Ultimate AL?

I am about to move country and have the chance to sell off my Boardman Team and get something which is (at least) considered more high end....

The Boardman is a good bike, I have enjoyed riding it for training and crit racing and I really don't mind riding it versus my Condor Leggero, unless there is a lot of climbing to be done or the road is a bit of a goat track. Saying that I am not too impressed with the Shimano 105 shifting, compared to the SRAM Rival on the Condor, although that may be down to cheaper cables on the Boardman.

Long story I am toying with the idea of getting a Rose or Canyon as a replacement do it all bike to have a change from the Boardman - with the impending move now is a convenient time for me to do this. What I don't want to go is get something which rides only slightly differently. If the change in ride is only small I will go all out and get something steel or ti. Carbon is totally off the books, I have a dream carbon bike right now which doesn't need replacing.

So opinions, views, comments would be much appreciated!


CanyonUK [3 posts] 3 years ago

Hi Jeffersaurus,

We're obviously a little biased but we'd happily recommend the Ultimate AL. It won Road.cc Bike of the Year in 2013 and consistently beat many other carbon bikes it went up against in tests.

This year the latest generation of the platform, the Ultimate AL SLX (which uses the same frame design but is slightly lighter) recently won Race bike of the Year in Cycling Plus.

You can read some of the test reports here:

Feel free to give us a call on 0208 549 6001 or drop us an email to uk [at] canyon.com if you have any more questions.

Canyon UK.

matthewn5 [1098 posts] 3 years ago

I have an Ultimate AL, it's amazing, the more you push it the better it is. Unbelievably stiff in the BB area while still comfortable on long rides. 75 miles in last time I forgot and thought I was riding my Bianchi Infinito, so smooth is it at speed. The Boardman Team is a great bike by all reports, I suggest you try out a Canyon somehow, so you can compare.

BigDonn [46 posts] 3 years ago

Never ridden a Canyon but I have had the Boardman Road Team for the last 2 years. I purchased it after my previous bike was stolen and although I'd been looking at Canyon and Rose, my insurance company were going to offer 1/3 less if I didn't take a Halfords voucher! While that ultimately made my mind up, I've got to say that I've not been dissapointed - it's a great bike.
Recently upgraded the wheels, brakes and put some quality cables on and was blown away by the difference that made. Bike is lighter, more responsive and shifts are so much smoother. Have to say that I think that the bike is let down by the cheap brakes, cables and Askium wheelset (I'm on my 2nd set after destroying the driveside rear hub flange on the first!).
If you're looking to change - I've got to say that I like the look of the Canyon over Rose bikes. Just look better and anyone I've spoken to says that they're an awesome bike - maybe the guys at Canyon would like to send me one so that I can do a like for like comparison??  3

jeffersaurus [9 posts] 3 years ago

What you are saying clarifies the probelm for me I think: the Team is such a solid bike that it is difficult to justify an upgrade on much beyond looks and a bit more comfort.

Hearing new cables sort out the shifting reinforces that thought - for the past year I have found it hard to believe that 105 shifting was that crappy! I have already swapped to Swissstop BXP pads (personally I prefer GHPs having tried both now).

The crux of the problem is that the Team cost me $1000AUD in a sale, and I could perhaps get $700-800AUD second hand, so upgrading would really cost 1400-1500AUD. I could get new cables, a nicer crank (don't like the FSA Gossamer for some reason, to much Q?) and be good to go.

I could even splash out a hundred or two on a repaint, now that would be a cool idea! And a power meter.

I may have just convinced by self to keep the Team!  39

jeffersaurus [9 posts] 3 years ago

I just need to find someone with one - very are pretty rare in Sydney (where I am right now) - Canyon doesn't sell them here, although you can see them around occasionally.