It always gets posted up when people have a problem, so I thought it was only fair that I take a minute to share my experience of their customer support.

Firstly this is not the first time I have had a good outcome, I would say there have been at least 3 occasions where I have had a quick positive response.

Anyway, the slightly truncated version is: I had a problem with a frame, but because I simply used the frame as an ornament for quite some time before I built it up I did not notice it was not right. It was so long that it was out of warranty.
So I contacted Brant and sent it in, and have dealt with a guy called Lee who has kept me up to date at each stage. Within a week I have a new frame ready to be sent, and BB bearings swapped out etc.
The thing is I think the outcome is fair and handled well and quickly, but I have had plenty of dealings with other companies where they try to wriggle out of it, so fair play to them and I will now have to buy another bike from them within the year as I like to reward good companies  1

I posted this on singletrack as well- I hope you dont mind but not everyone reads both forums


bashthebox [752 posts] 4 years ago

That's nice to hear. I like buying from P-X; though I've never dealt with their customer support I've found that they dispatch things next day, if not sooner, and I always receive the product less than 24 hours after dispatch. Text message and email updates work well too - and all this is free. Compare that to Wiggle or CRC and there's no contest. Wiggle charge a fiver for that service.
And of course there's always deals to be had. This does mean that I end up buying all sorts of shit I don't need and never use, however. Whoops.

ilovemytinbred [161 posts] 4 years ago

Yeah I have bought more than the odd thing just because it is so damn cheap- but then never get round to using it. Not much of a bargain then!

If i need to buy something then bike clothing is always a good bet. I wear it out so quickly it never goes to waste. Some of the planet x stuff has been good quality too, although sizing is always a bit of a lottery on the internet

MKultra [393 posts] 4 years ago

Makes a change. The older Inbred frames were/are known to have a habit of failing at the head tube welds to which the only answer Brandt came back with at the time was "my frames don't break"...