Hi chaps, new guy here with my first ever question for you all.. if you have a minute to consider.

I'm stuck between two shoes, for my first proper pair of SPDs. Getting rid of my cheap pair because of one side numbness and frankly terrible looks.

Here goes:
Shimano RT82 and Specialized Elite Touring. Which should I get, and why?

They're both around the same price and they both do the same job. Decent quality touring shoe, they look and feel sleek but they have a half decent sole and recessed cleat for walking round the city.

I love the look of the Shimanos, and the road and MTB versions of the same shoe fit well and look smart.
However the Specialized have the Body Geometry design thing which should definitely affect my cycling and in the long term joints, maybe, perhaps. Or maybe not.

Should I get the ones I love the look of, or is there a redeeming feature of the Specialized that I don't know about?

Many thanks guys, can't wait for your replies.


NB in case you're wondering, I ride Giant Seek 0, big boys' city hybrid with road wheels and tyres; I'm sticking with SPDs not SL/Look because I have SPD/standard double sided pedals and also a nearly new pair of Crank Bros egg beaters to throw on soon. Else I'd consider the three bolt but for the foreseeable future the twos will do.