My old headset was getting a bit grindy so put a new one on at the weekend. Only having a bit of trouble getting it right.

It went on no problem, but no matter what I do I can't get rid of the play it still has in it.

Gradually doing up the top cap 1/4turn at a time, tighten the stem bolts, front brake on and rock forward but still play in it. Repeat. The only way to get rid of the play is doing up the top cap so tight that the steering is really stiff and tough, i.e. it is now too tight  102

I've checked taken the fork out and checked everything is the right way round (the chamfered edges inwards) but I'm now at a loss  39

Anyone else experienced this or thoughts on how to fix it? Any advice gratefully received.


Redvee [394 posts] 4 years ago

Is there still a gap between the top of the steerer and the top of the stem? The stem should be 5mm max above the steerer. You might need another spacer. Is the new headset the same model as the old one? A different stack height could be the issue.

gthornton101 [168 posts] 4 years ago

Yeah I had put another thin spacer on top of the stem to do that but didn't seem to help.

Fortunately someone in my office is a bit more competent with bikes than me and has resolved it...

Turns out the top half of the headset that sits on the top tube was too tight and not allowed to turn freely. Using this (slightly obscure) internal headset washer it has pushed it up just a fraction of a millimetre and voila problem solved.