International Bike Courier?

by davecochrane   March 21, 2014  

Hi folks, wife and I are moving back to NZ permanently in June and would prefer, this time, not to have my road bike and her hybrid boxed up to haul with us alongside our bags. All the rest of our stuff is going by container.

Has anyone used a courier air service they'd recommend for moving a couple of items like this?


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In the past i've used Paisley freight to send 3 bikes by courier, albeit not abroad, but they do an International service and if its anything like their uk services it will be spot on.

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posted by stumps [2845 posts]
22nd March 2014 - 12:55


That's very helpful - thanks. Big Grin

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posted by davecochrane [105 posts]
25th March 2014 - 16:18


I recently moved to the US and had similar problems. After some research I ended up still taking the bike on the plane when I travelled, I couldn't find a courier in time that wasn't crazy expensive. Given that most airlines carry one bike box for free and a second one for not much more its by far the most cost effective way to do it. Let us know what you go for!

posted by giobox [341 posts]
26th March 2014 - 3:50


Hey folks - decided to buy the non-hardshell bike bag as recommended by DC Rainmaker. Ray flies constantly around the world and seems to do well with it. Here's the bag:

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posted by davecochrane [105 posts]
12th May 2014 - 22:22


Nice. I've found you can never really fault that guys advice, one of my favourite sites on the web.

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13th May 2014 - 0:39


For anyone interested, the bike bag I bought (fully loaded at 29kg) came through utterly unscathed, and so did the bike in it and everything else. Not bad considering it went Glasgow>London>LA>Auckland.

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posted by davecochrane [105 posts]
19th July 2014 - 6:09

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