WTD: Giant Defy Medium/Large, Edinburgh

by dmorts   March 20, 2014  


I'm looking for a Giant Defy in Medium/Large in Edinburgh or nearby, e.g. up to 50 miles or so.

I'm after a 4 or 3 so I'd get a Carbon fork ideally, will consider all models though. Looking for an entry level road bike and would also consider anything similar to the Giant.


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posted by jason.timothy.jones [303 posts]
20th March 2014 - 13:38


Hi there. The Defy is a great bike. I love it and its well rated by magazines and on the forums.

I'm going to sell a Medium-size Defy 3.5. The effective top tube size of a M is a 54.5cm. The M/L you're looking for would be 56cm TT.

If you've not been measured, then going by height, I'm 5'7 and the frame is a tiny bit big for me, so I expect it would suit you as long as you're not taller than 6'0 (see https://www.giant-bicycles.com/backoffice/_upload_au/rider_height_frame_... )

You're definately right to look for the carbon forks - lighter, stiffer and soaks up road buzz. The 3.5 has got the composite forks. I've looked into it and postage is doable.

My bike is a 2010 model, bought in 2011. If you think the size might be right for you, I can send the full spec.

posted by Sdadswell001 [6 posts]
20th March 2014 - 14:24


Hi there,

I'm 6ft and about 0.5 inch I think, I've sat on a large and a medium-large bike. On the large I was slightly over stretched and on the medium-large it felt about right. I think a medium would be too small Plain Face

posted by dmorts [2 posts]
20th March 2014 - 15:07


Unless you're a lover of a cramped position (like the pros), I would agree you should look for a M/L.

I'd recommend the Defy on my experience but there are lots of other good inexpensive bikes out there.

posted by Sdadswell001 [6 posts]
20th March 2014 - 15:59