Kask Mojito or MET Sine Thesis

by Pacey   March 19, 2014  

Hi Boys and Girls

So I'm going to buy a new helmet ready for my London to Paris ride at Easter Smile

I have managed to narrow it down to 2 Kask Mojito & MET Sine Thesis.

I was wondering what people's thoughts are? Any feedback or recommendations are highly welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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Kask Mojito - love it! Best helmet I've ever owned. Light and comfortable; I prefered it to the more expensive helmet in the range. Cool Italian flag colours on the adjustment knob (sad...I know).


posted by Shades [272 posts]
19th March 2014 - 11:54


I vote mojito.

Its a decent looking helmet but more importantly its comfortable. Not the best for perching your shades on top though

posted by Scoob_84 [362 posts]
19th March 2014 - 11:54


You have tried both of them on I take it?

posted by redmeat [146 posts]
19th March 2014 - 12:03


I've never tried the MET but strongly recommend mojito.

Very comfortable. Available in size M and L.

You need to try both on, however

posted by 700c [746 posts]
19th March 2014 - 12:23


I'd vote for anybody but Met helmets after their disgraceful tweeting yesterday; "Helmets save lives. Don't even try riding without one." then a link to some shameless broken helmet porn, which was actually caused by a crash in a race.


posted by farrell [1943 posts]
19th March 2014 - 14:13


The Kask doesn't have a spot for sunglasses, which annoys the heck out of me ever time I wear it.

I don't see what is wrong with showing images of helmets crashed in races. It's lives being saved either way. I broke my first team-issue Mojito in a race crash whilst receiving a concussion. I know it would have been a lot worse without a helmet.

The bottom line for helmet buying is to try them on and see which one fits your head better. Helmet makers all use their own head shape moulds. For instance, Bell fits me and Giro are uncomfortable, even though they are from the same parent company (Easton).

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posted by pedalpowerDC [306 posts]
19th March 2014 - 14:22

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I was annoyed with the way my Kask didn't like sunglasses poked in the vents until I started wearing sunglasses on the back of my head when not in use. Problem solved, the helmet is very comfortable.

posted by Nick T [906 posts]
19th March 2014 - 14:33

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I love my Kask Mojito. Comfortable even after 8 hours riding, my old Giro gave me a headache after half that time. Really adjustable fit too. Great piece of kit.

posted by psychonabike [16 posts]
19th March 2014 - 22:55


Thanks for your feedback, the Met would be an online purchase so can't try that on in advance Sad

I'm going to my LBS tomorrow to try the Kask so will order the Met IF the kask does not kit nice. (I can always return the Met if it's no good)

Thanks again Smile

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posted by Pacey [4 posts]
19th March 2014 - 23:26