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by welsh wizard   March 19, 2014  

I ride a Scott CR1 Pro, do 10000 miles a year on hilly terrain - don't race - do sportives occasionally, just enjoy riding really. Tyres that came with bike are continental ultra race but nearing end of natural life and looking to replace but so many out there? Looking for something lightish, puncture resistant as possible...and decent value...any suggestions greatly received? Cheers

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Conti Gatorskins never puncture in my experience. Not the lightest but superb value and lifespan

posted by ManyFacedTMan [41 posts]
19th March 2014 - 9:34


I've just had the same issue. I've been running on the stock Michelin Lithion 2's that came with the bike, but wanted to make sure I had spares after suffering my first flat last week, so new tyres for the bike and relegate the old ones to backups. In the end I narrowed it down to Continental GP 4000s vs Michelin Pro4 Service Course. Opted for the Michelin in the end, half price at Planet X (£20 each). You can pretty much find good and bad reviews for any given tyre, but obviously tyre performance and durability can be impacted by a lot of things and can influence one users experience differently to another's.
I would say decide how much you want to spend and see what you can get for the money, some good deals around.

posted by numbercruncher [28 posts]
19th March 2014 - 9:43


All about Conti Gatorskins, all my riding buddies swear by them for general riding.
Only £21 at Wiggle too, which is pretty reasonably priced for any tyre, never mind ones which are so puncture resistant!

posted by Cantab [72 posts]
19th March 2014 - 9:50


ManyFacedTMan wrote:
Conti Gatorskins never puncture in my experience. Not the lightest but superb value and lifespan

Well you're lucky *glances at wheel sitting next to desk that needs a puncture located*

posted by Al__S [874 posts]
19th March 2014 - 9:57


Gatorskins rock. But they do most definitely puncture. Not as much as some others, mind.

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
19th March 2014 - 10:04


Why 700x23c? Wink

Not wishing to open this can of worms again - but...

(ok, so obviously I do want to)...

If your frame can fit a slightly larger tyre, I can see absolutely zero reason to insist on 700x23c. Wider is faster, grippier, more comfortable, and probably wears out slightly slower, too.

I'm riding Continental Grand Prix, 700x25c. Which is ideal for me, sub-70kg, riding year-round - YMMV.

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posted by PJ McNally [600 posts]
19th March 2014 - 10:13


lightish, puncture resistant as possible...and decent value

pick any two...

I would hazard a guess and say that ANY tyre that is lightish and doesn't get punctures is automatically decent value, regardless of the cost?

In a 700x23 I would say that you won't go far wrong at all with the Vittoria Open Pave Evo CG.

posted by themartincox [474 posts]
19th March 2014 - 10:34


One good reason to insist on 23mm tyres is the much more ready availability, in many more colour options from more brands in different varieties.

How about a compromise - Open Pavé, 700x24c, supple and puncture resistant. And they're green.


I was beaten to it, but I must point out that Pavé aren't 23mm.

posted by Nick T [901 posts]
19th March 2014 - 10:38


Conti GP4000s are the best tyres, and at under 23 quid each if you buy two at PBK now, also the best value.

posted by benezeir [67 posts]
19th March 2014 - 10:43


Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech for me: 8000km and only two punctures last year. Lots of those kms were on London streets which are definitely not paved with gold. I have 23, 25, and 28 on my different bikes. All handle nicely and don't wear out quickly.

posted by Pauldmorgan [208 posts]
19th March 2014 - 11:54


well that explains why they are so darned comfortable then!

posted by themartincox [474 posts]
19th March 2014 - 12:23


Recently got Michelin Pro4 Service Course (25's) at Planet X at £17 each.
Punctures are a matter of luck. My new Gatorskin punctured within 2 weeks of fitting it. Don't blame the tyre, just a matter of good/bad luck.

posted by BikeBud [168 posts]
19th March 2014 - 12:31


themartincox wrote:
well that explains why they are so darned comfortable then!

As far as I can tell, Pave are essentially Corsa tyres with a bit more of the rubber on. Internally they're the same volume, the reason they're so comfortable is because Corsas are - high thread count cotton carcass and quality rubber. I ride 23mm Corsa tubs and clinchers all year round, I don't suffer enough punctures for me to search for stronger tyres and I get decent mileage out of them. Plus, they feel luxuriously plush, all year round.

posted by Nick T [901 posts]
19th March 2014 - 12:46


I use the Pave 24s (tubs) on winter bike. lovely. No punctures this winter. I think there is a lot of benefit in having high thread count and the latex inners - both tend to deform around pointy things a bit more before being penetrated. (fnarr fnarr). I've found sharp granite chips stuck in the rubber, but they dont seem to get through. I bought them for £35/ea from PlanetX, which was half RRP, but I consider them good VFM. I've done about 2500km on them so far, and the front seems barely off new, and the rear very slightly worn. Theres a lot more life left in them yet! Grip's great and roll well. Feel so comfortable. Whats not to like?

posted by edster99 [302 posts]
19th March 2014 - 13:07


Shop around and get Conti GP4000s in my opinion. Best of all worlds; grippy, light and decent puncture protection.

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posted by ragtimecyclist [155 posts]
19th March 2014 - 13:44


Have read too many negative comments about Gators so would avoid.

For value you would be hard pushed to beat Schwalbe Blizzard Sports. A supple 240g tyre with good grip, >3,000 miles, under £10 each. Only downside: token puncture-resistant layer (this seems important to the OP), though I had 1 puncture in that time and I ride a lot on crappy lanes with hedge cuttings and so on.

The kevlar version might be good. I was going to buy those but Spa Cycles have 700x25 rigid Durano at £15 each so I bought them instead. The Durano is considered one of the best training/all-rounder tyres you can buy (see About 500 miles so far and I'm happy.

All at

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posted by Simon E [2370 posts]
19th March 2014 - 15:37


I'm putting in a vote for the Conti Grand Prix, great in summer and winter in the 24-mm size. Only difference with the 4000 is that the casing is polyprop rather than aramid. The 24-mm size originally offered was not popular and has been replaced with conventional 23-mm and 25-mm sizes. Remaining stock was offered at <€15 by the German discounters, so I bought a stack of them. Can use it on the back in place of a Conti Force too.

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posted by harman_mogul [191 posts]
19th March 2014 - 21:13


I'm currently riding Vittoria Zaffiro tyres - they came with the bike. So far I have no complaints (or punctures). I'm sure there are plenty better tyres out there, faster rolling, more comfortable, better puncture protection, harder wearing etc but at the current price of £7.50 from Wiggle you certainly get good value for money.

It all depends on your definition of value for money I guess. Some people may see £20 as good value for a tyre, I would say that's my upper price limit.

posted by MuddyGoose [40 posts]
20th March 2014 - 13:39


I picked up some Conti 4000s in the sales are they're cracking.

I'm easy regarding brands so the Michelin Pro4 Service Course will do me next time.

Pain is just the French word for bread.

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posted by S13SFC [135 posts]
20th March 2014 - 14:58


I would recommend you look at Specialized Espoir Elites.

Available in 23c (260g) and 25c (270g) at £25 a each from any Specialized dealer (eg Evans).

I run them on both my winter and summer bikes and despite regularly picking embedded flints and glass out of the tread, zero punctures in two years. Originally recommended to me by the local semi pro team who use them as their training tyres.

posted by chrismday [56 posts]
21st March 2014 - 8:28


Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp or Schwalbe Durano. No troubles with both. Plenty fast, durable and grippy. I recall my mate descending Ventoux on the Vredesteins!

posted by paslemeilleur [58 posts]
21st March 2014 - 11:34


Another vote for Vittoria but the cheap Rubinos, non folding of course but the Kevlar/Aramid breaker strip does indeed work.

I would not touch Spesh kevlar folders with a barge pole as I had a rather pricey pair of them not just puncture but explode, they seem to suffer from the problem that when they do get a puncture and the glass or thorn is still in there plugging the leak the escaping air from the tube gets between the layers of rubber and kevlar that form the shoulders of the tyre which creates a big air filled blister. Then they go bang leaving a inch and a half patch of de laminated tyre tread. Fortunately it did not happen at speed.

posted by MKultra [384 posts]
21st March 2014 - 11:50


SimonE beat me to it - Schwalbe Blizzard Sports are a good tyre for the money. Didn't have any more or less punctures than usual and didn't have the sidewall gashes that have plagued every Gatorskin (and Grand Prix) I've owned. They're pretty grippy, even in wet weather, I ran them on my winter bike for a while.

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posted by SamShaw [316 posts]
21st March 2014 - 12:52