Hi guys,

Hopefully someone can help with this. Ive got a very frayed and thinned down rear gear cable on my Cayo Evo and a new cable to put in. Never done internal cable routing before, does the cable just slide through, should I tie the old and new together somehow and pull the new one through as I pull the old one out?

Any tips on doing this would be great as I need it changed over ASAP rather than get stuck out in the middle of nowhere.




turboprannet [299 posts] 4 years ago

Is it a BB30 or similar?

I redid the cables on mine which had BB30 and I was able to take the chainset off and route the cables very easily as you have access to the middle of the frame.

otherwise you can tie a bit of cotton to the new cable and use a vacuum cleaner to pull the thread through, then use the thread to pull the cable

OR you can use a strong magnet at the cable exit to ping it out once you've threaded it

internal routing is ace until you have to fanny about with it.

flathunt [245 posts] 4 years ago

My local CycleSurgery ummed and ahhed for the best part of a day then gave up and just glued a small runner to the underside of the bracket, I probably won't go back...

Marauder [275 posts] 4 years ago
kamoshika [236 posts] 4 years ago

The suggestion I've read (unfortunately only after I'd pulled the internally routed brake cable out of my Cayo) is to get hold of some of the cable sheath that the fully enclosed cable systems (like the old Gore sets) use between the inner and outer. Thread that over the old inner before you pull it out, then put the new cable in through it. Might be tricky if your cables are frayed, but sounds like it should work otherwise.

notaclimber [12 posts] 4 years ago

Thanks all, but I didn't actually find it difficult at all, knowing the bike now I could probably fit one in less than 10 mins.

Step 1, remove old cabling.

Step 2, remove the outer sheath that runs under the bottom bracket.

Step 3, with the bike upright, feed the cable through and its easily retrievable through the big hole under the BB. Rethread the protective sheath

Step 4, feed a cable from the back end of the bike through the chanstay and tie together with cotton.

Step 5, pull the cable through, takes a bit of patience to get out of the whole but was pretty easy.

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