Has anyone booked a flight, including a bicycle as extra baggage, with Transavia?? It turns out that there is a bug on their website which allows you to add a bike in both directions, get confirmation, pay and recieve an email with your tickets. Looking at the tickets will reveal (in some cases) that the bike is either not booked, or only booked 1 way.
It seems that they are currently failing to notify the user when there is no room for a bike on either leg of the journey.
I am travelling to Alicante with our local club and 5 out of 7 bookings have failed in this way. Riders have either gone to great expense to change flights (with Transavia pocketing the difference) or are now renting bikes. I'm now renting a hacker while my Canyon SLX sits at home.  2
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had the same issue.