Very random, but do any Bristol cyclists know of anyone who's lost a wheel or had a bike stolen in the Muller Road area of the city? I was cycling home last Friday (14th March) in the direction of Horfield and spotted a single wheel at the edge of the carriageway on Muller Road towards the junction with Filton Avenue. It's a front wheel made by One23 with a Specialized All Condition tyre (700 x 25c) that was fully-inflated.

I've reported it to Avon and Somerset Constabulary who have advised to take it to my local police station but if the owner can be tracked down they can collect if from me or I'll let them know from which police station if I've dropped it off by then. It may seem odd to post about it, but just trying to be a good citizen.

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charliemac74 [192 posts] 4 years ago

Is Jez Avery still doing the rounds?