I'm not sure if any of the developers for the game will read this but I couldn't find anywhere to e-mail for the fantasy cycling to offer suggestions so I hope this will be seen. It also opens it up for anyone else to throw in their suggestions. Don't get me wrong I like the game these are just thoughts which I as an end user would like to see implemented.

1. In this day and age could there be an App made? This could also be a way to collect the premium membership fee. When I don't have access to my computer the page is not so easy to use on a mobile device so this for me would be a god send.

2. I like how this year each competition has it's own new target badges, slight improvement would be mixing last year and this year, although you still get to see how many badges in total it would be nice to know which ones too.

3. Not sure how this could be done and where but I think it would be nice to know exactly the breakdown of the points awarded.
For instance Rider X gained 40 points in Stage Y: 30 points from finishing 3rd on the day, 5 points for young rider, 5 points position in GC.
This could also help out when trying to select low ranking riders who have gained points from team mates finishing first as opposed to outright winning the points themselves.

4. Without keeping track of every rider for every race current form can still be high from a race a long time ago. Either this can be helped by form decreasing over time or in my opinion a slightly better way/user still has to make more judgement by simply adding the code of the race and stage number in a riders stats under the column which shows the points awarded. eg. Rider X stats 50points SF PNI S6. This could also help the ambiguous classifications where a MM stage could still end in a bunch sprint, knowing which race it's from will help choosing, for those last ten stages on stats at least.

5. Stage profiles somewhere?
stage results somewhere?
even just a link?
ok i'm getting lazy now but would give more of the information from road.cc instead of having to go to other pages for the info.

On a side note i've clicked i want emails letting me know of roster changes affecting my team (great idea) and points from stages. Not sure if there is a glitch somewhere but i get some but not others and also the roster changes sometimes is a little late for me to do anything, I know it's probably hard because riders drop out on the morning of the race etc. I'm not sure what to suggest to help.

Also I saw once on stats that a rider was selected by more than 100% of teams for the last stage which I think was just a one off because obviously it's impossible, are purist teams interfering?

All in all I love the game and obviously none of this is going to stop me playing! Thanks for the good work.

thoughts/opinions/further suggestions please add below.


Gkam84 [9113 posts] 4 years ago

Unless someone has the experience to do an App, I can't see it coming along any time soon.

I was trying to do it off my own back and couldn't quite get it right, I approached someone who I know makes and works for a company who make apps.

To cover Android and Apple, without those who have BB and Windows even getting an app, they were talking into the 5 figure numbers

drheaton [3323 posts] 4 years ago

Hi, the forum is definitely the place to post suggestions.

I think all your points are valid. Gkam is right that the app is likely to be ambitious unless someone builds it off their own back. What may be better is a more mobile friendly or mobile specific fantasy page (I'll admit I very rarely visit the fantasy site on my mobile so have little experience of it).

Badges are still being expanded on after being introduced last year, a few people have suggested being able to see total badges etc so I'm sure that'll be taken into consideration for future developments.

The way points are input into the game is split by types (finish line, GC, stage mountain points, winning team bonus etc) so it should be possible to show these on the stage results page, something for Dave to consider probably.

The way form is calculated changed last year so that the "form drop off" happens more quickly so this is less of a problem this year than previously however I agree it would be nice to be able see when and how points were scored by a rider. When looking at rider stats and seeing 15 flat points over 12 months it'd be nice to see if they were finish line or team bonus etc. Perhaps there could be a "rider page" with full score history (tolling 12 months) somewhere on the site?

Providing stage profiles and results may be a bit much and duplicating what's already readily available on sites like procyclingstats.com, there are plenty of sites doing this and to be honest we would only be copying their work for the most part, better for you to just go straight to the horses mouth.

Also, the emails for roster changes and stage scores are issued manually by the person running the comp so it requires a small amount of user input. I think that with these systems being fairly new the four of us running the competitions may forget occasionally to send them out so apologies for that.

B-Twinners [6 posts] 4 years ago

Hi drheaton, and Gkam.

Thanks for the replies. Glad to see the post being read and replied to, and maybe even taken on board, really appreciate it.

It's a shame about an app as I think that would open up the competition to a wider audience but I wouldn't expect a 5 figure sum to be worth the few more people to take part.

just a little on the mobile user experience to let you know how it is, but I wouldn't concentrate too much on it unless you think it's worth it. as you can imagine with a small screen on the team selection page you need to zoom in quite a bit so fat fingers can pick out which rider you are looking at. Then viewing stats pops up very large so you have to zoom out to see that. That is the main thing that is a bit annoying but like you i'm sure most people use computers/laptops to play. I can do most the time but not always which is when i use my mobile. Anyway something maybe to consider.

I understand about the duplicating profiles etc. that was just an after thought of the others and me being lazy. Could be good to show who got what points, a round up of the riders who scored on the days race as this isn't exactly shown by other sites, GC yes and quite often sprint, young and climbers but definitely not the break or lantern rouge. this could be aswell as the dream team, something along those lines.

I didn't know it was a user input for the emails, hope that's not too much of a pain in the backside. They are a great idea and something i hope you might iron out or find a way to make automated.

Again thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions, love the game and just wanted to try and help you guys with my thoughts. late season questionnaire to find out what every thinks?

enrique [2388 posts] 4 years ago

Dave, on the 'Rankings' page for a competition, could you make the columns sortable by Team, Points (Rider Score) and Rider Value? I think that would be helpful.  1 Thanks.  1