Hi just thought I would put this post on some of you guys and girls may be interested.
The ride is on Saturday 29th March and sets off from Richmond North Yorkshire covering 66 miles,
It's only £15 pound and is for a great cause. The ride covers part of the TOUR DE FRANCE over the butter tubs.
3500ft climbing over the course so it won't be easy but very satisfying when completed.
There are only 400 places and there are 165 left so come on give it ago.....


issacforce [212 posts] 3 years ago

Did this last year , wud do it this year but alas at work on the day, it is a gud ride , a nice few hills, all monies go to charity, the food stop is gud, plenty of home cooked goodies on offer, and a hot meal at end, were do u get that for £15, plus u can turn up on the day, a few did this last year.

Johnyrot [2 posts] 3 years ago

Shame you can't make it this year but work comes first. It sounds very well organised looking forward to giving it a go should be fun. Home cooked goodies sound great !!