OK. Whilst clearing out on Friday I put my foot down on some plastic bags without thinking. Result, foot went one way and I went the other. As I went down, I could hear what sounded like a rustling of paper. Now lying on the floor I glance down and my foot is at right angles to what it should be. Thinking that this isn't right. Surprisingly. No pain. I gets bundled in a car and driven straight to hospital. They roll me straight through, put me under and straighten said foot. Come round and find out that I have 2 fractures. Next stop theatre. I am now the proud owner of some metal work on my ankle.

Totally peeved, was down to do the Gran Fondo in Belfast in May. No longer happening I reckon. Also out is a 3 day cycle through France, Belguim, Holland finally finishing in Leeds. Even more peeved.

To top it all. Trying to select teams whilst doped to the eye balls is not a good idea. 5 points for Stade.

Anyway. After that lengthy intro. Can guys who have been in similar situation advise on how I get back on the bike and moving again once the cast is gone. I'm averaging roughly 200 miles per week. And am of good health. Docs were pleasanty surprised at recovery in stats after op. As was my sis who is a charge nurse.

On a lighter note. When calling my boss he said he hoped I was in my cycling gear and that it was a bit extreme to extend my weeks leave in this manner.

Anyway, any pointers gratefully accepted.


levermonkey [681 posts] 3 years ago

Get yourself a recognised and accredited sports injury physiotherapist. You should be able to get recommendations from your local Sports Injury Clinic.

Just put 'sports injury clinic' followed by your home town into Google.

Other than that try to stay active whilst your ankle knits.