....cycling from Ben Nevis to Snowdon.

Doing a charity ride next year and I cannot decide what shoes to wear. (not to sound too much like a girl)

Do I stick with my current MTB type with chunky tread or do I splash out on some road shoes and pedals? (about £70 on shoes)

I'll have a pair o' trainers for the evenings and I don't intend to do much walking whilst riding, 'xcept to into the cafe.

So the question is what shoes & pedals would you recommend?


gandberg [175 posts] 9 years ago

is it an event open to the public?

As for shoes, I can't really help I'm 'fraid, but my road only shimano 085's are terrible for anything other than cycling or tapdancing.

Tony Farrelly [2929 posts] 9 years ago

Here's what to consider:

How long is the ride likely to take, is it longer than the time you'd spend out on a bike ride in your Mtb shoes? If it is, then yes, maybe you might want to think about a pair of road shoes. If it isn't the only thing you need to consider is whether your Mtb shoes are comfortable, if they are stick with 'em.

Pluses of road shoes and peds are a larger contact area on the pedal which for some people means less chance of hotspots, down side is, as gandberg says, apart from pedalling tapdancing is about all they are good for, and the pedals are single-sided which if you are not used to it can take a bit of adjusting to. The halfway house you might want to consider is pair of Shimano Mtb race shoes these usually have stiffer soles (more like race shoes) but the advantage would be that you wouldn't need new pedals and you could get wear out of them off-road too.


cactuscat [285 posts] 9 years ago

there's no point changing your shoes if the ones you have are comfy, and you're used to them. even if you're spending longer in the saddle you're unlikely to gain much by switching pedal platform - lots audax riders use spds, after all, and they ride for days at a stretch.  1

if you're going to spend money, spend it on a really good pair of shorts and a tub of Sudocrem...  19 19