I need some help please - I'm new around these parts so be gentle!

I'm trying to upgrade my wheels but I've got stuck:

Planet CT45 Carbon or Fulcrum Racing Quattro (which seem a bargain)

Both in the clincher - not too much difference in weight so just wondered what difference could be expected from riding on them?

Would really appreciate some help - thanks in advance.


Charles_Hunter [149 posts] 3 years ago

What are you looking to get out of new wheels?

The planet x do look very good, deep ish which will help getting and keeping speed on the flats (if you can push 20+mph), zipp style rim shape to minimise crosswind issues, wider rim for less rolling resistance and lower pressures for comfort, alloy brake track less hassle than a carbon one.

The other wheels look good for the money but you might want another set of new ones again sooner than the planet x ones.

Both wheels are a touch heavy if you'll be doing any lengthy climbing I suppose but that's deep ish section rims for you.

mooleur [537 posts] 3 years ago

I've heard good things about those planet x wheels, and a super bargain considering. Bit on the heavy side but for what you get for the buck it's impressive. Not heard much about those fulcrums..

Considering getting a set myself for the windy/hilly TTs, let us know how they go if you buy some!  1

Yorkshie Whippet [581 posts] 3 years ago

Fulcrum Fulcrum Fulcrum!

I got a set a while ago as a stop gap measure. They are now my main go to wheels over 62mm Planet X and Swissside Francs and are in the firing line for Flanders and Roubaix.

Yes they are relatively heavy on paper when compared to expensive carbon Zipps et al. Most of the weight does seem to be around the hub rather than the rim. For the price the Quattros are a very good do-everything-adequently wheelset. They don't excell at anything, just sit there and quite happily spin up hill, down dale and along the valley.

Just to sway you a touch, the Quattros are supplied as standard on Ridley Fenix (endurance), Helium (lightweight) and Noah (areo) bikes.

jghull [1 post] 3 years ago

Thanks everyone so far - keep them coming!

I'm leaning towards the Fulcrum - but I don't know why.
For info, I tour more than race - did 450 miles last year in 4 days and I'm doing London to Edinburgh this year.

Climbing - I do *some* but only on the way to somewhere or as part of a sportive - I'm not at the stage of thinking of attacking Alpe D'Huez etc...

Does that change the picture?