Ok just a quick one if anyones looking.

Riding a Condor Fratello at the mo, nice bike but a pig going up and I've had enough of trying to pelt around on a bike with light touring geometry.

Ideal is a Canyon CF SLX. Immediate financial reality isn't.

Now that Summer (March) is here I'd like to get something for the next year at least.

Been offered an Izalco Pro 1.0 2012 frame. I know the Izalco frames are all the same bar the newer Max's.
Its from a non racer mate of a racy mate. Its not been raced or crashed.
Frame and 3T fork but no 3T seatpost.
How much do you pay delivered to the door?

I intend to swap most of the upgraded parts from the Condor to the Focus frame restoring the original specto the Condor.
I then get another, much lighter bike to pelt around on but for far less than 4 grand..

Whats the verdict?


DanTe [190 posts] 4 years ago

C'mon throw us a bone. What would you pay for a 2 year old Izalco Pro frame.
Is £600 too dear?
I have no idea as they were never available as a frame set.
This is me potentially buying not selling..

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 4 years ago

They were £2500.

Came with Dura-Ace and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels.

So going on that. Lets say £1000 Dura Ace £450 wheels.

So thats the bulk of the value. Plus factoring it it is a 2012 model, without the 3t seatpost.

I'd try your arm at £500, but £600 isn't a bad price.