I've managed to properly mash my BB86 press-fit bottom bracket bearings - Shimano FC-SM7800P - after 3 years.

The odd click-and-tick noises weren't too irritating, but now they're constant. I removed the cranks and spun the bearings manually, and could feel the uneven bearings within. Time for a replacement.

On going to the LBS, I was pitched a set of Rotor bearings (no sleeve, just the races, like I've got now) but on spinning them with my fingers, the bearings felt like they were set in glue. Smooth, yes. Free? Not so much.

So, is this a normal state of affairs for such bearings? Will they loosen off at all?

Anyone got any recommendations for a sub 50-quid alternative?

Thanks if you can help.


Nick T [1132 posts] 4 years ago

They'll be packed with grease initially, give them a run in and they should ease up a bit.