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by bikeboy76   March 2, 2014  

I have had some Nike Altea for 5 years and they have done a good job. But lately I have finally ground down the heels with the odd bit of walking around Tesco Express and standing in carparks, the sole plate on the left is coming loose and no amount of superglue will keep it together. No big drama and time to upgrade.

So I saw some nice Mavic Zxellium on ebay, my size 10, only used on the turbo apparently. I sniped them good and when they arrived they were indeed in good nick. However they looked very skinny. True enough they were 10s but an EU 44.5 not 45 like the Nike. Trying them on they fit just but tightly. I couldn't imaging wearing them for hours at a time. I have had problems with my right big toe getting numb (probably just the way I flex my foot.)

I pride myself on my ebay skills so am not worried about getting my money back, but I now need to look again. Maybe I could size up in the Mavic. Sidi are supposed to be the bee's knees, what are they like? Can anyone recommend some brands that have a wider fit, as apparently Europeans also have very skinny feet.

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Sidi are narrow, thin socks only for myself with them!

Fizik and Giro are nice and wide, especially in the toe box.

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posted by Flying Scot [845 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 18:27


If you like the Zxellium overall as a shoe, but feel it is a little narrow, then it is also available in what Mavic call a "maxi" fit which gives slightly more width and room in the toe box for those that require a wider shoe.

Ride safe!

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posted by Mike Cotty [63 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 19:44


I've had the same pair of Sidi's for the last 5 years and they've held up well. Nice stiff sole for power transfer and handmade quality. You can also replace the heel pad, straps, calipers and sole if they wear out. They run narrow in the regular style but Sidi has been making a "Mega" version for people with wider feet (across the ball and heel cup) as well as more vertical space for a higher arch/instep. The Mega style is available in their road and MTB shoes.

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2nd March 2014 - 21:00


I have had similar problems, my tips are northwave or gaerne. Both had a really nice wide fit for me, no numb toes.

posted by GREGJONES [223 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 21:31

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I have the same affliction and I've just replaced a pair of Lakes with some Spesh 74's. Both are excellent especially the Lakes.

posted by fullers1979 [43 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 21:36

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I have large plates and find Specialized shoes are a good fit and they last well.

posted by Col Nago [11 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 14:45


I have the Sidi Megas - the Megas are really wide. In fact now they have stretched they are a bit too wide

posted by dunnoh [205 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 18:00


Like Col Nago, I have wide feet and find Specialized a good fit.

I had Sidis before and didn't like them as much.

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posted by fourstringsisplenty [71 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 19:18


Mike Cotty wrote:
If you like the Zxellium overall as a shoe, but feel it is a little narrow, then it is also available in what Mavic call a "maxi" fit which gives slightly more width and room in the toe box for those that require a wider shoe.

Ride safe!

Mike Cotty
(Mavic Community Manager)

While you are on Mike, I have a Plasma helmet which is a fantastic product, airy and a real solid feel, but I occasionally get the straps wrapped round the small tension band, I'm worried I may accidentally break it one day, is this part or that including the rear adjuster available as a spare?

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posted by Flying Scot [845 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 19:23


My experiences, and I have very wide feet and a long expensive history of shoes that don't fit and painful riding. All of the below are the wide versions of the shoe where available.

Spesh s works - very narrow
Sidi mega- not that wide in my experience. The last is still narrow - excruciating hot spots for me at least.
Lake wide - still not that wide. Carbon 'cup' restricts how wide they can be moulded to. Beautifully made though.
Bont Vaypor - widest out of the above but after a year or so of heavy use my feet started to suffer with pain on the 5th metatarsal. I know several guys who after first thinking they were amazing a year or so later ditched them for something with more comfort after developing foot pain.
Mavic Zxelium - felt sloppy and weren't wide at all.
Northwave extreme SBS - so far so good, almost no pain with these. I had to stretch the uppers out when I first got them but they're now almost perfect. I'd certainly recommend giving these a try.

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3rd March 2014 - 20:43


Ive had Sidi's which I found ok - i took the insole out and think they have a cork base which is real nice especially for sockless ride in HEAT! the lorica on them is just right as its soft and will stretch.

Ive used Northwaves for 4yrs now veritgos + airlites; Vertigo's ok, accomodate wide across the ball area of my foot nicely, can get narrow if they get a soaking after drying but ok! Airlites - had to wear these in a bit/widen them through general use but ok generally - I really love the stiffness - they're unbendable !

I have tried Shimano in a shop and by god are they narrow, similiar to Mavic (i'd love the Xelliums as they are soo YELLOW tho the £'s is prohibitive nearly) + Time's NARROW. Louis Garneau are ok for width also as are Bontrager Wink

Happy hunting.

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3rd March 2014 - 21:09


Hmm, so many mixed opinions, Megas and Maxis. I might have to actually go to a shop and try things on (feel guilty when not buying.) As usual it seems money will solve any problem. Reading Wiggle reviews seems this is a very subjective item, scared of expensive mistakes Crying

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posted by bikeboy76 [1703 posts]
4th March 2014 - 0:09

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I have wide feet and bought the Time Ulteam - I don't think they make these any more - or at least it's difficult to get them in the UK. I would pick a shoe that looks wide, because there is a good chance it will be (and conversely ones which don't avoid). Sounds stupid and obvious….but it is true and you did ask.

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1531 posts]
4th March 2014 - 0:58