FORUM'S SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 2014(Spring Classics and Pre-Giro tours)

by ray silvester   March 2, 2014  

Just a few points of business

1)The League we are using is the one with apostrophe's named Forum's Scorum's with an ID of 76157

2)As well as the standard competitions we will also have a UCI type ranking system(to be reffered to as FSUCI) based on pts assigned for stages and competitions as follows:

Grand Tour Overall:35,20,15,10,7,5,4,3,2,1
Grand Tour Purist Overall:10,6,3,2,1
Multi Stage Race Overall:10,6,3,2,1
Multi Stage Race Overall Purist:5,4,3,2,1
Autumn Classics/Spring Classics/Worlds/Commonwealths/Womens World Cup Overall Competitions(standard only):20,15,10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1
Every Stage:3,2,1....ties will be broken by GC position within that competition and then within the game.
Queen Stage in Giro/TDF/Vuelta:10,8,6,4,2,1

I'll try and outline the points available for each competition prior to the start


a)Teams must be entered into the league on stage 1 of a tour/multi stage competition to be considered for the GC in that race.

b)Teams must be entered by STAGE ONE of the SPRING CLASSICS to be considered for GC in the Overall Competition.

c)Teams will be considered for stage FSUCI ranking points for individual stages on the stage in which they enter......and FSUCI ranking points for competition GC from the first race that they are entered for AT STAGE ONE.

4) Below we will keep a record of the individual competition winners and add them to those of 2013


Tour Down Under: 2014 silas chime(Call me Maybe?);2013 Alan Tullett(Pure Fantasy)
TDU Purist: 2014 stevemarks(skidders skeletons);2013 Gkam84(Up and Doon Hills)
Tour of Qatar: 2014 Julie Danson(Marina's Diamonds);2013 enrique(Team Don Q)
TOQ Purist: 2014 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel);2013Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Tour of Mediterranean:2014 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe 26); 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TOM Purist:2014 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel); 2013 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Tour of Oman: 2014 naffets(frenchville flyers); (2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TOO Purist: 2014 ray silvester(Queens Park Riders); 2013 Teratcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Volta Ao Algarve: 2014 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26); 2013 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
VAA Purist: 2014 Wig_Billy (Veelers Wheel); 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Early Classics:2014 N/A; 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
EC Purist: 2014 N/A; 2013 stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
Paris-Nice: 2014 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel);2013 drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
PAN Purist:2014 Ghedebrav(Voodoo All Stars); 2013 Dave Atkinson(Blankety Blanco)
Tirreno-Adriatico:2014 Chrisdstripes(The Pigeons); 2013 robacairns(Team Cairns)
TIA Purist:2014 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel); 2013 NeilG83(Team Sky Blue)
Volta A Catalunya: 2014 simon F(dum spiro lacesso);2013 Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
VAC Purist: 2014 andynic(Sean Kelly's Rear Wheel);2013 stepho(Carrick Climbers)
Vuelta Pais Vasco:2014 Obutterwick(OJB Racing);2013 JAndrewHill(Les Miserables 2013)
VPV Purist: 2014 Twydaydos(Topsport Torquay);2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Giro Del Trentino: 2014 cherrypicked(cherrypicked); 2013 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
GDT Purist: 2014 cherrypicked(cherrypicked); 2013 stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
Spring Classics: 2014 Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant);2013 makiavelli(Domestique Dis Turbans)
SCL Purist: 2014 N/A; 2013 makiavelli(Domestique Dis Turbans)
Tour Du Romandie: 2014 Crisdstripes(The Pigeons);2013 obutterwick(OJB Racing)
TDR Purist: 2014 the domestique(the domestique);2013 obutterwick(OJB Racing)
Tour Of California: 2013 robacairns(Team Cairns)
TOC Purist: 2013 NeilG83(Team Sky Blue)
Giro D'Italia: 2013 Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
GIRO Purist: 2013 northstar(Northstar)
Criterium Du Dauphine: 2013 nata1ia(nataliaa)
Dauphine purist: 2013 huntdeano(huntdeano)
Tour Du Suisse: 2013 stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
TDS Purist: 2013 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Tour De France: 2013 rcorbin(Silent Assassins)
TDF Purist: 2013 drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
Tour Du Pologne: 2013 drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
TDP Purist: 2013 livestrongnick(Rule #5)
Clasica San Sebastien: 2013 backflipbedlem(backflipbedlem)
CSS Purist:2013 N/A
ENECO Tour: 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
ENECO Purist: 2013 TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
USA Pro Challenge: 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
USA Purist; 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Vuelta Y Espana: 2013 silas chime(Call Me Maybe?)
VUE Purist: 2013 Alan Tullett(Pure Fantasy)
Grand Prix Quebec/Montreal: 2013 livestrongnick(Rule #5)
GQM Purist: 2013 Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
Tour of Britain: 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
ToB Purist: 2013 huntdeano(huntdeano)
Worlds: 2013 technojim(Scotchegg-Energybeer)
Worlds Purist: 2013 technojim(Scotchegg-Energybeer)
Autumn Classics: 2013 natal1a(natal1aa)
ACL Purist: 2013 drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
Tour of Beijing: 2013 Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TBE Purist: 2013 stevemarks(skidders skeletons)

Forum's Scorum's Overall 2013: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
FSO 2013(Purist): Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
FSO 2013 Combined: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Forum's Scorum's 2013 'Rainbow Stripes': technojim(Scotchegg-Energybeer)

Most of all.....have fun....get involved in the banter.....earn your bragging rights and use them....and try not to lynch me if I foul things up(although I welcome appeals if people feel hard done by) as this will very much be a dry run for some of the new features.

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Voeckler, Clement, Ratto, Burghardt and Paterski in breakaway

Bobridge,Kruijswijk,Martens DNS

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
30th March 2014 - 13:27


Thanks Ray just FYI naffets appears twice with 31 and 29 points.

posted by stevemarks [479 posts]
3rd April 2014 - 17:39


Yeah, nice one Ray, love the detailed updates. And top 10! With a totally unjustified amount of confidence for the weekend...

posted by chrisdstripes [1718 posts]
3rd April 2014 - 17:42


Well done for doing everything Ray
9 points ahead of Jonas and Me on GW I notice....for the extra forum scorum point.

posted by Twybaydos [454 posts]
3rd April 2014 - 21:20


Pretty close at the top (except for Wig as usual), hoping I have a strong Pais Vasco before I go on my hols.

posted by drheaton [3429 posts]
3rd April 2014 - 21:47



Stage 1
Wig_Billy 177
simon F 150
drheaton 150

Stage 2
drheaton 185
simon F 167
KeejayOV 138

race leader drheaton

Stage 3
Dave Atkinson(purist) 134
andynic 120
Dave Atkinson(standard) 118

race leader simon F

Stage 4
Didge2 140
Didge2(purist) 139
Turbojoe 137

race leader simon F

Stage 5
Wig_Billy 141
Twybaydos 139
Nix 136

race leader simon F

Stage 6
silas chime 98
stevespro79 94
Joelsim 89

race leader simon F

Stage 7
Julie Danson 140
Didge2 139
NeilG83 138

RACE RESULT and FSUCI ranking Pts accrued for GC position

simon F 10pts
drheaton 6pts
adholman 3pts
naffets 2pts
Dave Atkinson 1pt

Purist Division

andynic 5pts
Twybaydos 4pts
KeejayOv 3pts
Didge2 2pts
drheaton 1pt


leader after Milan-San Remo was andynic

E3 Harelbeke
Nata1ia 132
chokofingerz 128
fluffchucker 128

competition leader Twybaydos

ray silvester 177
Twybados 168
Jonas Lorenzen 168

competition leader Twybaydos


leader after Ronde van Drenthe was backflipbedlam

Trofeo Alfredo Binda
Julie Danson 138
Alan Tullett 134
sanderville 134

competion leader Alan Tullett

FSUCI Rankings

1)Wig_Billy 67
2)cherrypicked 39
3)TERatcliffe 35
4)Twybaydos 32
5)naffets 31
=6)stevemarks,drheaton 30
7)chrisdstripes 27
9)silas chime 26
10)Julie Danson 25
11)the domestique 20
12)simon F 19
=13)andynic,Nata1ia 18
15)adholman,ray silvester 17
=17)Johnny2names 14
=19)ghedebrav,NeilG83 13
=21)backflipbedlam 11
=23)chiv30,Didge2 9
=25)happylemon,livestrongnick,LatteLycraLosers 8
=28)SounD_az,Jonas Lorenzen 7
=30)willskill,Mikeh 789,space cowboy 6
=33)STEVESPRO79,JAndrewHill,Dave Atkinson 5
=36)KeejayOV 4
=37)rcorbin,stumps,obutterwick,enrique,Georgeodio,Alan Tullett,sanderville 3
=44)C4rolina,Nix,chokofingerz 2
=47)debbieg,ojbutterwick,southstar,galibier86,cranky,Turbojoe,Joelsim,fluffchucker 1

naffets score corrected(31pts.....I forgot to delete the 29 when he scored 2pts for the 4th place overall in Catalunya.

I'll do a big update tomorrow for Roubaix and am dreading doing Vais Pasco where Twy beat me to the purist win by 3 pts At Wits End

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
13th April 2014 - 10:18


plus i missed the Chava withdrawal At Wits End

Karma for my 10pt Aregger 'theft' in GW?

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
13th April 2014 - 11:34


I think I did well in the women's Ronde so have my eye on the top 6. Having said that, Vasco was a bit of a non-event...

posted by chrisdstripes [1718 posts]
17th April 2014 - 10:44


ray silvester wrote:
… Karma for my… 'theft'...?

Made me grin. Good one! Smile

Vive Le Fantasy Cycling Game!

posted by enrique [2308 posts]
17th April 2014 - 15:34


Anticipating the update...

posted by Twybaydos [454 posts]
19th April 2014 - 1:11


update coming soon.....busy as a really busy bee on busy day!!

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
19th April 2014 - 20:24


will sort this weekend....promise

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
25th April 2014 - 22:18


ray silvester wrote:
will sort this weekend....promise

Liar..... Smile

The G Fan Club...

STEVESPRO 79's picture

posted by STEVESPRO 79 [543 posts]
28th April 2014 - 7:46


I know....pants on fire eh At Wits End

working on it now

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
28th April 2014 - 8:07


ray silvester wrote:
I know....pants on fire eh At Wits End

working on it now

Real life comes first mate....I`m only jesting... Wink

The G Fan Club...

STEVESPRO 79's picture

posted by STEVESPRO 79 [543 posts]
28th April 2014 - 8:31


Going through Paix Vasco I'm starting to see why you're so keen LOL....

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
28th April 2014 - 9:38


Two 3rds for me Surprise

posted by chiv30 [997 posts]
28th April 2014 - 13:12



Stage1:Twybaydos,STEVESPRO 79,Jonas Lorenzen
race leader:Twybaydos

Stage2:Northstar,ray silvester,Chiv30
race leader:Twybaydos

Stage3:obutterwick,NeilG83,simon F
race leader:Twybaydos

race leader:Twybaydos

race leader:Twybaydos

Stage6:Joelsim,simon F,TERatcliffe

Twy is going to be gutted about losing out on winning the event on the last stage to obutterwick who had a fantastic few days claimoing 3rd purist too......but should be pretty pleased with 2nd in standard and 1st in purist

RACE RESULT(and FSUCI pts accrued for final placing)

obutterwick 10pts
Twybaydos 6pts
Jonas Lorenzen 3pts
drheaton 2pts
simon F 1pt

Purist Division(and FSUCI pts accrued for final placing)

Twybaydos 5pts
ray silvester 4pts
obutterwick 3pts
Andynic 2pts
chrisdstripes 1pt


Stage1:naffets,simon F,Jonas Lorenzen
race leader:naffets

race leader:Jonas Lorenzen

Stage3:space cowboy,naffets,cherrypicked
race leader:cherrypicked

Stage4:simon F,Chiv30,stevemarks

cherrypicked held on to win standard AND purist events....a real boost before the Giro D'Italia I'm sure

RACE RESULT(plus FSUCI pts accrued for final position)

cherrypicked 10pts
naffets 6pts
Jonas Lorenzen 3pts
simon F 2pts
space cowboy 1pt

Purist Division(and FSUCI pts accrued for final placing)

cherrypicked 5pts
stevemarks 4pts
johnny2names 3pts
Jonas Lorenzen 2pts
chrisdstripes 1pt

FSUCI Rankings
1)Wig_Billy 67
2)cherrypicked 60
3)Twybaydos 46
4)naffets 42
5)stevemarks 38
6)TERatcliffe 36
7)drheaton 32
8)simon F 30
9)chrisdstripes 29
10)silas chime 26
11)Julie Danson 25
12)andynic 24
13)ray silvester 23
14)the domestique 20
15)obutterwick 19
16)Nata1ia 18
=17)adholman,johnny2names,Jonas Lorenzen 17
18)NeilG83 15
19)ghedebrav 14
20)chiv30 13
21)backflipbedlam 11
22)space cowboy 10
=23)Didge2,STEVESPRO 9
=25)happylemon,livestrongnick,LatteLycraLosers 8
28)SounD_az 7
=29)Mikeh 789,willskill,Joelsim 6
=32)JAndrewHill,Dave Atkinson 5
=34)KeejayOV 4
=35)rcorbin,stumps,enrique,Georgeodio,Alan Tullett,sanderville,northstar 3
=42)C4rolina,Nix,chokofingerz 2
=45)debbieg,ojbutterwick,southstar,galibier86,cranky,Turbojoe,fluffchucker 1

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
28th April 2014 - 14:02


Womens and Spring Classics to follow tomorrow

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
28th April 2014 - 14:26



Leader after Gent Wevelgem:Twybaydos

Ronde Van Vlaanderen:silas chime,the domestique,Johnny2names
comp leader:Twybaydos

Paris-Roubaix:JohnnyO,JohnnyO(purist),silas chime
comp leader:Twybaydos

Once again Twy lets a long term competition lead slip....this time to Jonas who never looked back after Amstel.....

Amstel Gold:Wig_Billy,Johnny2names,Ghedebrav
comp leader;Jonas Lorenzen

comp leader:Jonas Lorenzen

Liege-Bastogne-Liege;TERatcliffe,northstar,ray silvester

FINAL COMPETITION STANDINGS(and FSUCI pts for final position)

Jonas Lorenzen 20pts
Twybaydos 15pts
Wig_Billy 10pts
NeilG83 8pts
Wig_Billy 6pts
Johnny2names 5pts
Joelsim 4pts
Andynic 3pts
JohnnyO 2pts
space cowboy 1pt

FSUCI Rankings
1)Wig_Billy 86
2)Twybaydos 61
3)cherrypicked 60
4)naffets 42
5)TERatcliffe 39
6)stevemarks 38
7)Jonas Lorenzen 37
8)drheaton 32
=9)simon F,silas chime 30
11)chrisdstripes 29
12)andynic 27
13)Julie Danson,Johnny2names 25
15)ray silvester 24
16)NeilG83 23
17)the domestique 22
18)obutterwick 19
=19)Nata1ia,Johnny2names 18
21)adholman 17
22)Ghedebrav 15
23)chiv30 13
=24)backflipbedlam,Joelsim,space cowboy 11
=27)Didge2,STEVESPRO 9
=29)happylemon,livestrongnick,LatteLycraLosers 8
=32)SounD_az,JohnnyO 7
=34)Mikeh 789,willskill,rcorbin 6
=37)JAndrewHill,JohnnyO,Dave Atkinson,enrique,northstar 5
42)KeejayOV 4
=43)stumps,Georgeodio,Alan Tullett,sanderville 3
=47)C4rolina,Nix,chokofingerz 2
=50)debbieg,ojbutterwick,southstar,galibier86,cranky,Turbojoe,fluffchucker 1

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
3rd May 2014 - 12:38

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Once Romandie is complete I'll round it up with the Women's World Cup(so far) so that we can start a new thread going into the Giro/Cali.

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
3rd May 2014 - 12:47


I'llget the Romandie updates done during the Giro rest day.....promise

incidentally.....stage SIXTEEN will be taken as the Giro Queen stage

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
10th May 2014 - 18:13


Promise?! Wink
I'm still waiting for my points from the women's Ronde - watch me surge up the table!

posted by chrisdstripes [1718 posts]
15th May 2014 - 9:30


I know....I know.......soon as I get an hour or two free I'll sort it

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
15th May 2014 - 9:33

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Besides....halfway looking through Romandie it looks like that's where you scored a hatful....2 stage wins in the first 3 days!!

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
15th May 2014 - 12:40


ray silvester wrote:
Besides....halfway looking through Romandie it looks like that's where you scored a hatful....2 stage wins in the first 3 days!!

Yeah I know, I came 2nd overall and won a rucksack! Hooray! I think my std and purist came 1st and 2nd in women's Ronde for FS but I'm not sure. I was certainly on a brief surge anyway! Thanks again for doing the scores for all this when it sounds like you're so busy. Applause

posted by chrisdstripes [1718 posts]
15th May 2014 - 13:18

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Bravura performance from The Stripey one!!

Prologue: chrisdstripes/naffets/cherrypicked
race leader chrisdstripes

Stage 1: TERatcliffe/chrisdstripes/Wig_Billy
race leader chrisdstripes

Stage 2: chrisdstripes/The Domestique/naffets
race leader chrisdstripes

Stage 3: Simon F/backflipbedlam/Julie Danson
race leader chrisdstripes

Stage 4: ray silvester/crazy cats(first time scorer)/Sound_az
race leader chrisdstripes

Stage 5: silas chime/mikeh789/Simon F

RACE RESULT(and FSUCI ranking pts accrued for final position)

chrisdstripes 10pts
naffets 6pts
cherrypicked 3pts
Jonas Lorenzen 2pts
JAndrewHill 1pt

Purist Division

The Domestique 5pts
Technojim 4pts points on the board at last for 'Rainbow Strips'-curse broken?
AndyNic 3pts
backflipbedlam 2pts
Joelsim 1pt


1)Wig_Billy 87
2)cherrypicked 64
3)Twybaydos 61
4)naffets 51
5)chrisdstripes 47
6)TERatcliffe 42
7)Jonas Lorenzen 39
8)stevemarks 38
9)simon F 34
10)silas chime 33
11)drheaton 32
12)andynic 30
13)the domestique 29
14)ray silvester 27
15)Julie Danson 26
16)Johnny2names 25
17)NeilG83 23
18)obutterwick 19
=19)Nata1ia,Johnny2names 18
21)adholman 17
=22)Ghedebrav,backflipbedlam 15
24)chiv30 13
24)Joelsim 12
26)space cowboy 11
=27)Didge2,STEVESPRO 9
=29)happylemon,Mikeh789,livestrongnick,SounD_az,LatteLycraLosers 8
34)JohnnyO 7
=35)willskill,rcorbin,JAndrewHill 6
=38)JohnnyO,Dave Atkinson,enrique,northstar 5
42)KeejayOV,Technojim 4
=44)stumps,Georgeodio,Alan Tullett,sanderville 3
=48)C4rolina,Nix,chokofingerz,crazy cats 2
=52)debbieg,ojbutterwick,southstar,galibier86,cranky,Turbojoe,fluffchucker 1

posted by ray silvester [1867 posts]
15th May 2014 - 14:10


Can you explain how this works please?

posted by Joelsim [2059 posts]
15th May 2014 - 14:32

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Its all at the top Joel - you don't have to do anything, just play the game as normal and Ray works out the points...

posted by chrisdstripes [1718 posts]
15th May 2014 - 14:56


Ah ok, cheers Chris.

posted by Joelsim [2059 posts]
15th May 2014 - 20:50

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