Brake Advice Shimano 105/Sram Rival Combination

by GrooveRidar   March 1, 2014  

After a bit of advice if someone can help...Will Shimano 105 5700 brakes work with Sram Rival levers? I've read that they must be used in conjunction with ST-5700, ST-6700 or ST-7900 STIs for correct leverage ratio. Any help greatly appreciated

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I've certainly found that 5700 levers with any other callipers (5600, shimano BR451, tektro) didn't work that well: under powered.

I would infer from this (but haven't tried) that the 105 callipers might be ok for power but lacking in modulation with SRAM levers.

Why not buy Apex callipers: you can get them for under £30 the set and I would say that performance is not any different to Rival brakes. I have Apex brakes on two bikes and Red on another. The only real difference apart from a few grammes is in the pads with Swisstop on the Red and you can upgrade to that when you wear the first set out.

posted by Pauldmorgan [196 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 0:23

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Thanks, I've currently got unbranded calipers (possibly Tektro) with the Rival levers but they are need of replacing, I'll check out the Sram options. Was just looking at Shimano because of the quality of their products.


posted by GrooveRidar [11 posts]
2nd March 2014 - 8:42

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If you're going Sram, I can recommend the Apex calipers. I replaced the Tektros on my fixie with them, to get more clearance, and got more clearance AND better braking.

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posted by fourstringsisplenty [71 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 19:22