After being clipped off my bike with a left hook SMIDSY a few weeks ago, I am now in the very enviable position of needing a new commuter/winter bike which is will be part subsidised by the driver of the car.

I'm looking for an decent aluminium frame (maybe steel if a cheap, lightish weight and sexy option is available out there) with either a Tiagra or 105 groupset. I'm not too fussed about wheels as i have a set of aksiums laying about. After shopping around, I've narrowed down my options to either a CAAD8 105 or a Genesis Volant 20 (or maybe even 30). The CAAD8 needs no introduction with the reputation it has, but the sassy Volant has certainly caught my eye, partly (OK, mostly) for being British built, is made of a better grade aluminum to the CAAD8 (6069 - Same as a CAAD10) but comes at the slight cost of Tiagra componentry.

As ever, when it comes to making decisions, my brain gets scrabbled with disinformation, emotions and distractions....so I'm putting my plight forward to you knowledgeable road.cc forum dwellers to help me out here.


fourstringsisplenty [58 posts] 3 years ago

I had a CAAD8 Tiagra a couple of years ago; sold it, and have basically been regretting it ever since. Wonderful bike, I had more fun on it than the £2000 Carbon bike that preceded it.

All the 6000 series alloys ride very similar: I actually prefer them to 7005, they seem to have a bit more life in them.