I'm just about to spend more than I can afford on a new carbon bike and I currently have a Evoc soft case. What do people think about using it with the new precious? Or sell it and get a hard case?
Cheers in advance


Shep73 [211 posts] 4 years ago

Hard case, friend of mine had his MTB frame written off due to being in a soft case (top tube got punctured straight through), pure and simple the baggage handlers don't like dealing with bikes so don't care if they damage them.

DanTe [190 posts] 4 years ago

I would'nt buy a soft case. Other than looking nice I think they're a waste of money.
Baggage handler dosn't know whats in there, can't see it and is more likely to chuck it about a bit which the soft case can't cope with.
I'd pipe lag and put my steel bike in one for convinience but not carbon.

If you can't afford a hard case, buy some 2x1 and make a frame and cover it with triple ply card.
Speak to a local packing firm or better still an art handler and ask them about airline card. The whole thing will cost about £20 and weigh about 4 kilos.
You have to whack airline card pretty hard with a clout hammer to put a hole in it.