A better way to use Strava?

by deadhead1971   February 21, 2014  

I just came across a neat little extension for Google Chrome. It changes the way Strava displays segment data to you.
Normally when you click in a segment, you'll see the overall leaderboard, but you can select the "My results" option from the drop down list to just see your own history on that particular segment. This extension will make the "my results" data appear by default.

Most people who enjoy Strava, say they like it because of the sense of motivation and progress they get from it. Most people say they're more interested in beating their own pb's rather than competing against others.

This is a great way, if you're a Chrome user, to switch the view to support that kind of analysis.

It takes less than a minute to install the extension and try it out.


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Installed it and works fine. Thanks for sharing


posted by arrieredupeleton [534 posts]
21st February 2014 - 21:50

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I just use www.veloviewer.com for a ridiculous amount of this sort of data from Strava!

The usual new 4th Cat blog with some stuff about Pros too.

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posted by mtm_01 [90 posts]
22nd February 2014 - 1:00

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Seems to work great! Thanks!

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posted by lisa76uk [25 posts]
23rd February 2014 - 2:02

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This is why Strava has an API...

posted by Initialised [104 posts]
23rd February 2014 - 2:59

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